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Keeping Watch

By Steve Wilson | Jan 23, 2012

Oakland Mills — There has been some interesting action at Oakland Mills recently. Over the week end a small gull showed up, most likely an immature Bonepart's Gull. If I can see it again and get a bit better look at it, it will be a new bird on the Henry County IOU Bird List. The little guy was quite the fisherman.

A flock of eagles has been fishing over and around a flock of Canada geese sitting in the riffle below the dam. One of the immature eagles came in low over the geese and I expected the geese to scatter. To my surprise the geese sat tight and stretched out their necks aggressively, like a goose on eggs, as the eagle tilted and lifted away. I have yet to see an eagle hit a Canada, but that may be because the fishing has been pretty good.

Most of the fish I have seen the eagles and the gull catching appear to be only a couple of inches long, silver in color and stocky. Today with more water opening up the eagles have spread out.

A female Common Merganser was fishing in quiet water perhaps a quarter of a mile below the dam Saturday.

The geese were there by the hundreds today (Tuesday)  spread all along in the open water pretty well down to the curve in the river road. They were tipping up and feeding along the drift lines of the sand bars that were readily visible in the clear shallow water during the noon hour. My guess is organic matter is collecting along the face of the under water sand dunes.

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