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Keeping Watch

By Steve Wilson | Feb 03, 2012

Political Identity — I have yet to figure out if I am an Eisenhower Republican or a Jimmy Carter Democrat. I do know this, I am not a latter day Republican or a dodging Democrat. What does this mean? It means I think people making crazy salaries should pay crazy taxes while people making reasonable wages should be paying reasonable taxes. I know what it is to work for a company that grew up in Chicago without being unionized because it knew how to take care of its workers.


Unions are no more necessary than are the absurd wages and benefits being paid to CEOs. Community minded companies should be given their heads and community wrecking companies should be given the boot.


Yes, I know, the devil is in the details but for the work to begin the sacred cows of both parties need to be turned out to pasture. Yeah, I know, neither Eisenhower nor Carter constitute the perfect example of what we need today. But they both have offered significant contributions that can help us manage the problems we are facing today.


When I met folks at the door the last time I ran for supervisor I told them I was running as a Democrat but I am as independent as I can be. It is time to put INDEPENDENT in caps now. It is time to reduce spending at the county level now. It is time to grow community minded businesses in Henry County now. And now is not the time to reduce taxes on corporations. It may however be time to consider after the fact tax credits for companies that have, in the prior year, created new jobs paying a living wage. Tax cuts do not create jobs, but after the fact tax credits for creating good jobs may have merit.


I am still hoping someone is going to emerge so I can get back to spending my retirement in the woods and wetlands with kids and critters. However, there must be a race. If that means I must run, then I am running.


Steve Wilson

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