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Local history classes held in the spring

Feb 27, 2013

Three classes on local history topics will be offered this spring by Southeastern Community College at the Mt. Pleasant Center.

The first class, “A History of Railroads in North Henry County,” will be offered on Wednesday, March 20. Students in this class will learn about the railroads that served northern Henry County including the Iowa Centra/ M.8 St.L/Chicago Northwestern and the Burlington and Western/CB&Q. Interesting stories — including the Coppopck Railroad War and conversion of the Burlington and Western from a narrow gauge to a standard gauge in one day — regarding those railroads will be a part of the presentation.

The class on Wednesday, April 10, will present “Teaching the Three Rs in a One Room Rural School.” Information will include the organization of rural schools, rural school architecture, the curriculum, a typical school day and the role of the county superintendent.

The class will center on Henry County but will include slides and stories from other Iowa sites as well.

The final class on Wednesday, April 24, will be “From Mud to Concrete: A History of Area Roads.” Topics covered will include the story of area military roads, the development of plank roads, early marking of roads such as the Red Ball Route, Blue Grass Road and Wester Trail and conclude with the first concrete roads, including the Coleman Road south of Hillsboro.

Slides will be a part of all classes, and handouts will be provided. Donald Young is the instructor.

All classes are one session and meet from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Mt. Pleasant SCC Center at 200 North Main Street. There is a fee charged for each class.

Pre-enrollment is encouraged. To enroll, call 1-866-723-4692 ext. 5375.

For more information, call 319-385-8143.

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