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Making goals fun helps resolutions stick

Jan 02, 2014


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A new year can mean a new you.

What is a better way to bring in the New Year than beginning a new, healthier living style?

Making that New Year resolution to change your appearance can be difficult to get started, but it does help to have a plan in mind and to set small goals in order to attain your long-term goal.

According to Caleb Smith, general manager at Anytime Fitness in Mt. Pleasant, the start of a New Year is exactly what some people need to finally get started on their fitness endeavors.

“Normally, January kicks off health and fitness resolutions for many individuals. Due to this, many gyms and fitness facilities do indeed see an increased membership base,” said Smith. “This can cause high wait times for equipment and weights during the first few months of the new year. I encourage you to find a gym that works for you.”

Smith said that it tends to slack off after a few months though, which means the wait times will go back to normal. People have various reasons as to why they stop using the gym.

“There are many reasons why membership declines. Some people just lose motivation after a few months and throw in the towel, others, once summer arrives, would rather go outside and run or walk instead of being on a treadmill and enjoy the nice weather,” Smith said.

So, how does one stay motivated to maintain that New Year resolution? There are many ways to stay motivated, you just have to find one that fits with who you are and stick with it.

“Being healthy and fit has to be a lifestyle change and it doesn’t happen over night. Remembering why you started in the first place is often a good motivator to keep going with your New Year resolution,” said Smith. “Motivational videos and workout partners are also fantastic ways to keep yourself going.”

Smith also suggests that you don’t start out hard in the beginning. Starting overly hard in the beginning can cause people to give up.

“Most people tend to burn out early on because they workout really hard in the beginning. Don’t work so hard when you are just starting. Take it easy at first and then progressively challenge yourself with more intense workouts as the New Year progresses. Variety in your workouts is also essential, not only does it help keep the body guessing, but it also helps prevent boring workouts,” Smith explained.

According to Smith, working out and changing your lifestyle is about having a plan set in your mind. Having this plan will help you meet your goals and to help you stick with it and not give up.

“You must set challenging but realistic goals. Many short-term goals accompanied by a long-term goal is often a solid approach. Stay off the scale and don’t weigh yourself every day. It’s easy to get down on yourself when you weigh more the next day,” said Smith. “Limit your scale use to once every two weeks. Plus, one day isn’t enough time to see results. I encourage you to ignore the scale and focus on getting others to notice your efforts.”

Making small goals, according to Smith, will help you stay motivated. They must be realistic and something that you can attain.

“Make a goal, let’s say to fit into those jeans you haven’t in years, for example. Clothes are a great way to notice that your figure is changing,” suggested Smith.

It is important to know that it’s not easy to make a change, but staying with it and making realistic goals will help you to change your lifestyle and give you the results you want.

“The best advice I can give is to make this fun. Make it a habit. Make it a lifestyle. If it isn’t fun and you lose your drive, you’re more likely to give up,” said Smith.


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