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Man urges people to ‘unite and move on’

Jun 17, 2015

To the editor:

I made a vow to myself after getting a good tail-kicking from folks in my/our community for writing my last letter to the editor on Sept. 19, 2014, as applicable to the latest MPCSD Facilities Improvement Bond Election, that I would never again commit my conviction on controversial issues for public view.

After nine months, my wounds have healed and, from what I read and hear, I elect to write this letter. Nine months later, the same improvements proposed for our elementary schools that could have been done or be well in-progress (had the vote been positive) are still being mulled around by various individuals and perhaps the same group of folks who violently opposed the bond issue. I read and hear, “Well, maybe we ought to do it now, but where do we get the money?” or “Well, maybe from some other fund that is also by law committed and needed elsewhere.”

I wonder, where does the confidence of some folks lie with and in the MPCSD Financial Manager? It is my opinion that he devotes a high degree of integrity and honesty to financial management for us and for the MPCSD.

The group, as I see it, that violently opposed the previous bond issue successfully stopped improvements to our elementary schools. They have also achieved the success they strived for that took preference over passing a bond issue, that being the firing/resignation of the MPCSD superintendent and the loss of three MPCSD directors.

What is the real terminology/meaning of “Save Our Schools”? Is it that our buildings are falling down? Does it mean that our buildings are being moved? Or perhaps does it mean some want to run our schools to fit personal needs or philosophy?

I propose that it is time to let those who are willing to serve as directors and those who are hired to administer the financial business of the district do their job. Serving in public office sometimes seems easy to some. Often, challenges are presented that appear to be easy to win, when on the outside of the ring as opposed to being inside the ring, where the action is.

Again, just because I had to attend one-room country schools with no air-conditioning does not mean that I wish that on my grandkids, your kids or the dedicated teachers they/we have.

Good things have happened the past 25 years in the MPCSD. With positive voices of all, I believe good things will continue to happen for the future of our schools for the next 25 years.

Positive things/progress has happened. It is time to unite and move on.

Stanley E. Hill

Mt. Pleasant


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