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Neighbors Growing Together | Jul 18, 2018

May God bless the U.S.A.

By Bryce Kelly | Jan 20, 2017

“Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.” – Samuel Adams, United States of America Founding Father

Happy Inauguration Day, America!

Like every presidential inauguration since our nation’s founding, today is a day to celebrate our republic’s freedom and the people that make this the most amazing country to call home. And while, due to the schedule of newspaper printing, I am writing this column just before the inauguration ceremony takes place, I feel nonetheless obligated to share some food for thought regarding this historic day and what I hope is a bright future for this blessed nation.

I wouldn’t be shocking anyone if I said that the time between today and Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election has been a rough period in our nation. And much to my chagrin, the behavior exhibited by some over Trump’s victory has been less than respectful.

Unlike many countries functioning in the world today, America prides itself in being a country that has always had peaceful and diplomatic transitions between ingoing and outgoing presidents. But, I must admit, I fear that we may not be on the best track to that.

As I write this, I sincerely hope Trump’s inaugural ceremony goes without major disruptions or violence, just as I would hope for any incoming president of our country. Trump is our country’s new leader. He was elected by the people, for the people, and I pray (as I hope you do as well) that he governs this country with wisdom, respect and decorum fitting with the title he has been given.

That is my desire for President Trump and his administration.

Now, on to my fellow Americans. As I have already stated, the actions of some in our country with respect to Trump since his victory has been less than grand. The death threats aimed at Trump, his family and his administration is atrocious. The abuse, both verbal and physical, brought down upon those who have supported (or not supported) Trump in one way or another is unacceptable. The attempts made to unfairly discredit Trump and his administration before he even took office with fake news was ridiculous. America, we have got to come together.

Hoping for Trump to all-together fail as our president is the most asinine stance an American could take. I can’t tell you how often I see someone post on social media, “Trump is not my president”, and I can only respectfully respond to that by saying that while you continue to live as a legal citizen of this country, the individual who holds the title “President of the United States” is in fact the president, whether you personally voted for that individual or not.

The truth of the matter is simple. No one is ever going to totally agree with absolutely everything a president says or does while in office. No president is perfect, nor are they leading a perfect country. We live in trying times.

It is our job as Americans to support our president when he is making sound decisions for our nation and join him when he is respectfully standing for what is just in the world. In turn, it is also our responsibility to let our voices be heard when we feel he has stepped off the straight and narrow path. I insist we must do this, however, in a matter fitting of a people who respects and understands civility, and abides by a set of just principles.

Let us also not forget the state and local legislators who we also vote into office, and hold them rightfully accountable to the job they have been tasked with – honestly representing we the people.

Our government was built on the ideal that this nation’s people were ultimately in charge. In order for that system to work, however, we must challenge ourselves to be a people worthy of that responsibility.

I pray that Americans of every background acknowledge that we have some shaping up to do. The world looks to us as a beacon for how a civilized, free people should act and conduct a government body.

If you voted for Trump and supported his presidential bid, please be humble and respectful towards those who may not have. If you didn’t vote for Trump, understand that despite the fact that this election didn’t go your way, you can still choose to move forward in peace. We all had the right to vote for who we wanted to lead our country, and no one should be disrespected and humiliated for their vote.

Take this day as a day that you recommit yourself to the responsibilities of being a productive American and helping this country become an even better one. I don’t care what political party table you sit at or who you voted for to be our president. We are all Americans and we all have the charge of being dignified ones.

May God bless our President. May God bless our government and military. May God bless our United States of America.

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