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Middle school wrestling results

Jan 30, 2014

The Mt. Pleasant middle school wrestlers have been on the mats three times in the last week, competing against Ft. Madison, Washington, Keokuk, Fairfield, Burlington and Quincy.

They were at Keokuk last Friday and on Monday, and at Ft. Madison on Tuesday, and are now 138-136 on the season.

Results from the meets are listed below:


At Ft. Madison, Jan. 28:

Trace White (MP) pinned Eid (FM), 1:11.

White (MP) m. dec. Kruse (FM), 14-0.

Elton (FM) dec. Brady Gholson (MP), 7-3.

Cordray (FM) pinned Dalton Moyle (MP), 0:19.

Kalib Wilson (MP) pinned Vincent (FM), 1:50.

Wilson (MP) pinned Murphy (Was), 0:43.

Bohr (Was) pinned Dalton Smith (MP), 2:51.

Ikerd (Was) dec. Smith (MP), 6-2.

Smith (MP) dec. Hora (Was), 1-0.

A. Steffensmeier (FM) dec. Nate Wallace (MP), 4-1.

Sloltz (FM) pinned Wallace (MP), 2:23.

Anderson (Was) pinned Hunter Faul (MP), 2:53.

Faul (MP) dec. C. Anderson (Was), 7-6.

Wyatt Carlston (MP) pinned Shroeder (FM), 1:37.

Carlston (MP) dec. Carr (Keo), 6-1.

Carr (Keo) dec. Andrew Spence (MP), 5-4.

Spence (MP) pinned McGee (Keo), 3:45.

Zach Beason (MP) pinned Randsdell (Keo), 0:52.

Beason (MP) pinned Raines (FM), 0:38.

James DeMeyer (MP) pinned Raines (FM), 0:56.

DeMeyer (MP) pinned Cook-Ransdell (FM), 0:17.

Hall (Was) pinned Jonathan Lopez (MP), 0:54.

Wharton (Keo) pinned Lopez (MP), 0:22.

Garrett Boecker (MP) dec. Lauber (FM), 6-4.

Murphy (Was) dec. Boecker (MP), 10-8.

Eljah Plooster (MP) pinned Todd (Keo), 0:55.

Plooster (MP) pinned Tibbits (Keo), 0:53.

Eid (FM) dec. Trent Bagwell (MP), 4-3.

Cordray (FM) pinned Michael Bagwell (MP), 1:04.

Garrett Detrick (MP) pinned Allen (FM), 2:40.

Gadau (FM) dec. Detrick (MP), 5-4.

McVeigh (Keo) pinned David Amos (MP), 0:28.


At Keokuk, Jan. 27:

Lucas Lee (MP) pinned Lacher (FM), 2:41.

Lee (MP) pinned McVeigh (Keo), 2:55.

Lee (MP) pinned McVeigh (Keo), 0:14.

Lee (MP) pinned Lauber (FM), 3:37.

Kruse (FM) dec. Brady Gholson (MP),10-4.

Trace White (MP) dec. Cordray (FM), 2-1.

H. Steffensmeier (FM) pinned Dalton Smith (MP), 2:35.

Shau (FM) dec. Smith (MP), 4-6 OT

Shau (FM) pinned Kalib Wilson (MP), 1:16.

H. Steffensmeier (FM) pinned Wilson (MP), 1:45.

R. Steffensmeier (FM) dec. Nate Wallace (MP), 4-2.

Wallace (MP) m. dec. Wyatt (Keo), 22-8.

Cale (Keo) dec. Hunter Faul (MP), 6-3.

Faul (FM) pinned Christy (Keo), 0:43.

Andrew Spence (MP) pinned Shroeder (FM), 1:58.

Spence (MP) pinned McGee (Keo), 1:50.

Garrett Detrick (MP) pinned Allen (FM), 2:24.

Detrick (MP) pinned Shroeder (FM), 0:31.

Wyatt Carlston (MP) dec. McGee (Keo), 10-5.

Allen (FM) pinned Carlston (MP), 1:30.

Zach Beason (MP) pinned Raines (FM), 0:31.

Beason (MP) pinned Cook (FM), 1:01.

James DeMeyer (MP) pinned Gadau (FM), 2:41.

DeMeyer (MP) pinned Raines (FM), 1:01.

Hayes (FM) pinned Jonathan Lopez (MP), 0:14.

Wharton (Keo) pinned Lopez (MP), 0:52.

Wharton (Keo) dec. Derek Brake (MP), 6-4.

Hayes (FM) dec. Brake (MP), 6-4.

Eljah Plooster pinned Todd (Keo), 1:13.

Plooster pinned Tibbits (Keo), 2:05.

Garret Boeker (MP) pinned McVeigh (Keo), 3:37.

Boeker (MP) m. dec. Lauber (FM), 14-5.

Kruse (FM) m. dec. Trent Bagwell (MP), 12-4.

Cardray (FM) pinned Michael Bagwell (MP), 0:32.

Cardray (FM) pinned Dalton Moyle (MP), 0:30.


At Keokuk, Jan. 24:

Kemp (Burl) pinned Brady Gholston (MP), 3:33.

Kalib Wilson (MP) pinned Summers (Keo), 0:58.

Wilson (MP) pinned Spees (Keo), 1:05.

Lee (Burl) pinned David Amos (MP), 1:02.

McVeigh (Keo) pinned Amos (MP), 1:22.

Cale (Keo) dec. Hunter Faul (MP), 5-2.

Drake (Burl) dec. Faul (MP), 4-1.

Preston (Burl) m. dec. Andrew Spence (MP), 11-0.

Barnes (FF) pinned Spence (MP), 1:32.

Johannes (FF) dec. Wyatt Carlston (MP), 5-4.

Terry (Burl) pinned Carlston (MP), 1:46.

Zach Beason (MP) pinned Carr (Keo), 0:55.

Beason (MP) won gainst McGee (Keo).

Garrett Detrick (MP) pinned Lox (FF), 0:14.

Detrick (MP) pinned Carr (Keo), 0:12.

Johnson (Quin) pinned Jonathan Lopez (MP), 1:15.

Wharton (Keo) pinned Lopez (MP), 2:46.

Lucas Lee (MP) dec. Waugh (FF), 3-1.

Lunsford (FF) dec. Lee (MP) 5-0.

Eljah Plooster (MP) pinned Swanson (FF), 3:14.

Plooster (MP) pinned Swanson (FF), 2:32.

Garret Boecker (MP) pinned Smith (Keo), 1:57.

Boecker (MP) pinned Kirby (Burl), 0:42.

Carter (Quin) m. dec. Trent Bagwell (MP), 9-1.

Trace White (MP) dec. Allen (FF), 4-2.

Dalton Smith (MP) m. dec. Flackhart (Keo) 9-1.

Smith (MP) dec. Schafer (Burl), 9-3.

Carter (Quin) pinned Dalton Moyle (MP), 1:06.

Lunsford (FF) dec. Derek Brake (MP), 3-1.

Waugh (FF) dec. Brake (MP), 8-7.

Nate Wallace (MP) pinned Wynn (Burl), 0:42.

Wallace (MP) pinned Angle (Burl), 0:42.

James DeMeyer (MP) pinned Lox (FF), 0:34.

DeMeyer (MP) won against McGee (Keo).

Michael Bagwell (MP) pinned Carter (Quin), 0:29.


Next up for the Mt. Pleasant middle school wrestlers is a home meet tomorrow (Friday) against Fairfield, Ft. Madison, Keokuk and Washington.

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