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Mt. Pleasant native Claire Melzer is blogging her way to a September wedding
Feb 10, 2017
Photo by: Submitted For Mt. Pleasant native Claire Melzer it was difficult to keep family and friends in the loop for her September vows to fiancé Miguel Andrade, so she decided to start blogging about the planning process.


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Mt. Pleasant native Claire Melzer is hoping to look back on planning her wedding with fondness, and maybe even a laugh or two about how stressed she was.

Melzer, who is set to wed her fiancé Miguel Andrade on Sept. 30, 2017, decided what better way to capture the chaos of planning a wedding than blogging about it.

Melzer, a software engineer at Rockwell Collins, said the idea to blog about her wedding prep arose from the fact that her friends and family aren’t close.

“I live in Cedar Rapids, but none of my family, close friends or bridesmaids live here,” Melzer said, explaining that with everyone having such busy lives, it can be tough to sit down and have a conversation. “I decided to put it on my blog so they could check it out at their own convenience; kind of see what is going on so they feel like they’re involved.”

Melzer just recently started writing a blog and at first wasn’t posting anything about her wedding. “Initially my first few posts didn’t have anything to do with my wedding, but I had seen other wedding blogs and I wanted to put my own twist on it and start writing about my wedding since it was something I am experiencing right now,” she said.

In her blog, “Catching Up With Claire Elizabeth,” Melzer posts once a month specifically about her wedding. “I’ve been doing a recap of what I’ve gotten done since the last post,” she said. “For the last post I said that I bought my dress and where I bought it, I have my photographer and links to my engagement photos. And then I also have what’s on my to-do list next.”

Besides helping to cut down on being asked some of the same questions over and over again, Melzer said her blog has helped to keep her motivated and inspired.

“When I make my lists of things I say I’m going to get done by the next blog post, if I don’t get it done I know I should really get back on track,” she said. “It kind of holds yourself accountable to get your to-do list done.”

But what Melzer is most looking forward to, besides marrying the love of her life, is being able to look back on this time. “In two years or five years or 10 years, I think it will be fun to go back and read it and hopefully laugh as I reminisce on the planning aspect. I don’t want to forget how I was feeling during it.”

Melzer and Andrade will be getting married at Celebration Farm in Iowa City. “It’s so beautiful,” she wrote on her blog.

“There are two big barns there and we have the timber frame barn,” she said.

The two-story barn also has an outdoor amphitheater on the property, which is where the ceremony will be taking place. The reception will be in the barn. Melzer said to keep with the outdoor/barn look, the wedding would have a “rustic glam” theme.

When asked if she felt like she might be giving away some of the surprise of what her wedding day will be like, Melzer chuckled and said she thought her guests will still be wowed. “I give them a little bit of an idea of what I’ve been picking, mostly vendors, but not too many details. I want some things to be a surprise.”

As for the planning process, Melzer said her fiancé has mostly left that in her hands. “He says over and over again ‘do what makes you happy,’” she said smiling. “The only thing he was very vocal about was when we picked the food for the catering. He was very involved in that aspect.”

So far, Melzer has had a lot of positive feedback about her blog. “I’ve had some friends text me and tell me they’re reading it, which is really nice to hear because I didn’t know they were reading it,” she said. “I think it’s serving its purpose of keeping people in the loop that I don’t get to see or talk to often.”

And so, Melzer will keep planning, and booking and blogging until her and Andrade’s magical day is here.


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