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Mt. Pleasant man wants fine arts to get the recognition it deserves

Mar 02, 2016

To the editor:

I am dismayed. Last Saturday (Feb. 20) the Mt. Pleasant High School sent their Jazz I and Jazz II ensembles to the Tall Corn Jazz Fest at UNI, in Cedar Falls. A total of 11 bands participated in Class 3A. Our Jazz I placed 1st, and Jazz II placed 8th. I understand that one musician from Jazz I was selected to be the outstanding soloist.

I have not noticed one word in the newspaper of this event and very little on the radio. If this would have been any other activity, there would have been at least a half page in the paper. It seems to me these young people and their instructors do not receive very much respect from the media.

While I am on a roll, when you enter the high school (main entrance), on your left and right, there are trophy cases. Lots of trophies for sports. Unless I missed something, I never noticed any for music.

This last year, I had occasion to be in the high school music room. To my wonderment, there were many trophies. I was wondering why there was not music trophies exhibited in the commons area.

I have vented enough.


Joe Telgren

Mt. Pleasant

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