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Mt. Pleasant to share maintenance director with Harmony

Oct 04, 2013


Mt. Pleasant News

Mt. Pleasant Community School District will share a maintenance director with the Harmony Community School District.

Both school boards have approved the 28E agreement whereby the Mt. Pleasant maintenance director would spend one day per week at Harmony.

Harmony will pay Mt. Pleasant $19,669.58 under the sharing agreement. The Mt. Pleasant maintenance director would be responsible for setting up maintenance schedules and training Harmony personnel in maintenance of equipment and buildings. Currently, the Mt. Pleasant maintenance director’s base salary is $70,048.

Mt. Pleasant Superintendent of Schools Mike Wells termed the sharing agreement “a win-win situation where current employees can keep their salaries, both district benefit financially and we (Mt. Pleasant) begin the process of creating partnerships.”

Wells said that Mt. Pleasant realigned its custodial responsibilities and placed them (custodians) under the building principals. Consequently, this has freed up time for the MP maintenance director.

The benefit for Harmony, Wells said, is not only in cost-savings but the sharing also falls under the state’s operational sharing law.

That means Harmony will receive approximately $61,000 in operational sharing funds for sharing a maintenance director.

Mt. Pleasant recently agreed to share a media specialist with Keokuk under terms of the operational sharing program. That sharing will allow Mt. Pleasant to count 40 additional students on this year’s certified enrollment. Each student represents approximately $6,100 in state funding, so Mt. Pleasant will receive over $240,000 in additional funding in fiscal 2015.



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