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NAMI seeks donation from the county

Sep 20, 2013


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Mental health affects everyone in some way. Whether it is depression, a loss of a loved one or just trying to simply fit into society, mental health affects you.

Angie Goodpaster, a representative from the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), spoke during the Henry County Board of Supervisor’s meeting Thursday. Goodpaster asked the board for a donation, of any size, to help with the cause.

“We are short of help and counselors,” Goodpatser informed the board. “If we want to help the community, the people, we need resources and right now, we are limited.”

Goodpaster hopes to use the money to create flyers that will talk about services and places that people who are suffering from mental illness can go. All proceeds will be used to notify the community that there is hope, that there is someone out there that can help.

“There are approximately 20-30 people in the group right now, and we need funds to help those people,” Goodpaster stated. “There is also a conference in October that we would like to attend, so we can become more involved at the state level.”

NAMI helps people struggling with mental illness or it can help those who have a family member or friend who is struggling with it (mental illness). The group helps to find doctors, information and it’s a way to share stories with others who are dealing with the same type of thing.

“We just really want to help others, and the donation would help,” Goodpaster finished. The board did not come to a decision Thursday, but Goodpasture was told the board would be in contact and they (the board) would come to a decision at a later date.

Gary See, chairman of the board, discussed his sub-committee update. He attended a meeting in Wayland for the Early Childhood Association, and the association was approached with a proposal to start a preschool program in Harmony. There has not yet been a decision concerning the request.

As of now, the board still has not received final word on the issue with their solid waste site. Sept. 20 was designated as the last day for a decision. The board hopes to hear something next week concerning this issue.

The board will meet again in regular session Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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