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New owner at Mt. Pleasant’s Anytime Fitness

Mar 10, 2014


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Choosing a location for a fitness club is hard, but what is even harder is finding one that fits within the community.

Anytime Fitness in Mt. Pleasant has been here for several years, but recently has undergone new ownership. Chris Evers, head football coach from Alburnett and former high school teacher, is that new owner.

“This club here in Mt. Pleasant is the perfect size,” began Evers. “Having The REC Center here in town makes it even better. We work well together, because like everything, what doesn’t fit for one person, will fit for another. We can both be successful in this town because there is a need for fitness clubs.”

Evers, who lives in Cedar Rapids, is originally from Guttenberg.

“It’s on the Mississippi, near Dubuque,” explained Evers. “I was the youngest of eight children and my father was a businessman. I learned everything I know from him, and my mom too. I have three children and a wife, and this is the life I chose.”

According to Evers, small town life is where it’s at. He enjoys the sense of community that comes from small towns and feels it will help to build the club into something bigger.

“I want this fitness club to be member oriented,” said Evers. “It’s about them. I don’t want them to be afraid to come in and talk with me, or any of the other staff members. If they have questions, they need to know that we are here for them, that’s the point.”

Evers hopes to add new equipment to the club and is willing to talk with members to find out what they need/want.

“It’s about them, and right now, we’ve already added a rowing machine, and I hope to add a step-mill, a new leg press, a decline bench and other items as I can,” said Evers. “I want the members to be happy and I want them to know that I’m flexible and willing to be there for them. I want this gym to be more conducive to them.”

There are three major hurdles that a new member must overcome. First, the new member must have knowledge, secondly, they must overcome the intimidation they feel when starting and thirdly, they must have convenience, said Evers.

“We will help new members with all these things, because health is important,” said Evers. “Health hits close home to me, because when I was 16, my mother came to my school and got me. My father had had a heart attack. At that point, I didn’t really understand what was going on, but now, I can say that I don’t want other kids to have to go through that.

“That situation is my motivating factor for what I do. I want to help people to make the change to walk through that door, or any fitness club door, and begin to make a change,” said Evers.

In the future, Evers hopes to keep adding to the club and to become engaged in the community. He wants to keep members happy and hopes to expand classes.

“The thing people need to realize is, the biggest step is getting through that door. Once they do, then they need to identify the reason they came in. It’s important to work out, there is a reason to do it,” added Evers.

“The gym is your oasis. It’s your escape from the world around you and it’s where you focus on you. You do this for yourself, not others, and when you decide to make the change, then choose a club that fit’s your lifestyle. As long as you find the right fit, then you can do what you need to for yourself,” concluded Evers.


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