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Nine Panthers named All-District

Mt. Pleasant football team has five first-teamers and four second-teamers
Nov 13, 2017
MPN file photo Mt. Pleasant senior Kieran Kohorst (pictured) was named to the All-District first team.

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


With Solon’s departure from the Class 3A playoffs last weekend, District 5 was eliminated, and that means the All-District teams for the 2017 season could officially be announced.

Nine Mt. Pleasant players were honored with spots on the All-District teams. Five players were named to the first team and four were named to the second team.

The Panthers had the fourth-most first-teamers in the district. Solon led the way with eight, Washington had seven and Oskaloosa had six.

Three seniors and two juniors were named first-team for Mt. Pleasant. Jordan Magnani, Kieran Kohorst, Dalton Bass, Zach Beason and Chase Lamm were all honored.

Each team had four players named to the second team. Seniors Garin Crane and Colby Potts made the second team for the Panthers, as did juniors Levi Puig and Tucker Johnson.

Mt. Pleasant players were also recognized for their work in the classroom this season. The Panthers had 19 players named to All-Academic for District 5. That was second most to Solon in the district.

The All-Academic teams make up juniors had seniors who finish the season with a 3.25 GPA or higher.

The full All-District teams for Class 3A District 5 can be found below, with the players’ grade in school in parenthesis.

FIRST TEAM ALL-DISTRICT: Blake VanVeldhuizen (12), Oskaloosa OL/DL; Alex DeJong (12), Oskaloosa DB; Seth Howard (12), Oskaloosa QB; Tanner DeKock (12), Oskalooas LB/RB; Jared Kruse (12), Oskaloosa DL/WR; Jaden VanRoekel (12), Oskaloosa DB; Tyler Linderbaum (12), Solon OL/DL; Kendrick Harris (12), Solon RB/LB; Zach Wegmann (12), Solon OL/DL; Spencer Wegmann (12), Solon DL; Adam Bock (11), Solon LB; Coal Flansburg (12), Solon LB; Payton Bandy (12), Solon WR; Joe Kral (12), Solon OL/DL; Antonio Smith (12), Keokuk LB; Alex Gully (12), Ft. Madison RB; Tyler O’Tool (12), Ft. Madison LB; Elijah Barnes (12), Ft. Madison OL; Zach Beason (11), Mt. Pleasant QB; Jordan Magnani (12), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Kieran Kohorst (12), Mt. Pleasant TE/DE; Chase Lamm (11), Mt. Pleasant WR/P; Dalton Bass (12), Mt. Pleasant OL/DL; Tristin Waugh (11), Fairfield RB/DL; Austin Smipson (11), Fairfield OL/DL; Brendon Lunsford (12), Fairfield OL/DL; Tanner Snodgrass (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame OLB; Landon Greer (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame DL; Austin Mixer (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame ILB; Jack Redlinger (12), Washington RB; Jaivonn Willis (12), Washington WR; Mark Engelken (12), Washington OL; Mitchell Huisenga (12), Washington OL; Cale Hobscheidt (12), Washington DL: Tanner Murphy (12), Washington LB; Ryan Reighard (12), Washington LB.

SECOND TEAM ALL-DISTRICT: Hunter Hoskins (12), Fairfield WR/DB; Steeler Higdon (12) LB; Drew Martin (10), Fairfield LB; Cole Engle (11), Fairfield DB; Shance Redd-Donald (12), Ft. Madison WR/DB; Dalton Mabeus (12), Ft. Madison OL/DL; Shaymour Redd-Donald (12), Ft. Madison DB; Lennon Barker (11), Ft. Madison QB/P; Jerry Glenn (12), Keokuk OL/DL; Jamin Klose (11) Keokuk WR/DB/K; Matt Wyatt (12), Keokuk WR/DB; Corey Skinner (9), Keokuk QB/DB; Levi Puig (11), Mt. Pleasant RB/LB; Colby Potts (12), Mt. Pleasant LB; Tucker Johnson (11), Mt. Pleasant DB; Garin Crane (12), Mt. Pleasant OL/DL; Aaron Blom (10), Oskaloosa K; Cole Henry (11), Oskaloosa; Nik Dykstra (11), Oskaloosa DE; Tyler Miller (10), Oskaloosa WR; Cam Miller (10), Solon QB; A.J. Coons (10), Solon WR; Jack Stahle (12), Solon DB; Matt Folkerts (12), Solon DB; Matt Folkerts (12), Solon DL; Luke Turner (10), Washington QB; Dalton Myers (12), Washington WR; Tristin Westphal-Edwards (11), Washington LB; Mario Tapia (12), Washington DB; Daniel Crooks (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame CB; Brian Brem (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame RB; Cole Williams (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame OL; Jacob Fritz (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame OL.

ACADEMIC ALL-DISTRICT: Maison Ashton (12), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Garin Crane (12), Mt. Pleasant OL/DL; Kieran Kohorst (12), Mt. Pleasant TE/DE; Jake Lowe (12), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Jordan Magnani (12), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Brody McGhghy (12), Mt. Pleasant RB/DB; Caleb Potts (12), Mt. Pleasant RB/DB; Colby Potts (12), Mt. Pleasant TE/LB; Keegan Rich (12), Mt. Pleasant RB/DB; Tanner Ruby (12), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Nicholas Steffens (12), Mt. Pleasant OL/DL; Zach Beason (11), Mt. Pleasant QB/DE; Tucker Johnson (11), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Chase Lamm (11), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Garrett Maddy (11), Mt. Pleasant OL/DL; Levi Puig (11), Mt. Pleasant RB/LB; Tate Shull (11), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Jacob Stukerjurgen (11), Mt. Pleasant WR/DB; Luke Van Nyhuis (12), Mt. Pleasant OL/DL; Brant Brown (12), Oskaloosa OL; Keaton DeKock (12), Oskaloosa DB; Tanner DeKock (12), Oskaloosa RB/LB; Nik Dykstra (11), Oskaloosa DL/WR; Cole Henry (11), Oskaloosa WR/QB; Casey Hill (11), Oskaloosa RB/LB; Shane Hoven (12), Oskaloosa LB; Jared Kruse (12), Oskaloosa DE/WR; Nick Kutz (12), Oskaloosa OL/DL; Zaiyan Mamum (11), Oskaloosa LB; Zuhayer Mamum (12), Oskaloosa DB; Tucker Nunnikhoven (12), Oskaloosa DB/WR; Calvin Silvers (12), Oskaloosa DB/WR; Calvin Silvers (12), Oskaloosa DB/WR; Cade Snakenberg (11), Oskaloosa DB/WR; Coy Snakenberg (11), Oskaloosa DB/WR; Jaden VanRoekel (12), Oskaloosa DB; Blake VanVeldhiuzen (12), Oskaloosa OL/DL; Benjamin Baughman (11), Washington OL/DL; Jameson Bell (12), Washington WR/LB; Kyle Dallmeyer (11), Washington WR/LB; Ryan Ellis (12), Washington OL/DL; Mark Engelken (12), Washington WR/LB; David Hora (11), Washington TE/LB; Garrett Ikerd (11), Washington RB/DB; Lincoln Kleese (11), Washington WR/DB; Chase McDole (11), Washington WR/DB; Payton Bandy (12), Solon WR/DB; Ben McAtee (11), Solon WR/DB; Colton Spillman (11), Solon WR/DB; Dillon Hoit (11), Solon WR/DB; Jackson Pipolo (11), Solon WR/DB; Luke Ira (12), Solon WR/DB; Andy Brokaw (11), Solon WR/DB; Zach Wegmann (12), Solon WR/DB; Greg Brandt (12), Solon WR/DB; Mason Stahle (11), Solon WR/LB; Adam Bock (11), Solon RB/LB; Clay Gerdin (11), Solon WR/DL; Hunter Brown (11), Solon OL/DO; Matt Folkerts (12), Solon OL/DL; Andy Devalk (11), Solon OL/DL; Kale Altman (11), Solon OL/DL; Kale Altman (11), Solon OL/DL; Kyle Puettman (11), Solon OL/DL; Jerrod Hilton (11), Solon OL/DL; Rocky Lensing (11), Solon OL/DL; Joe Kral (11), Solon OL/DL; Jack Stahle (12), Solon WR/DB; Spencer Wegmann (12), Solon WR/DL; Ryan Geistkemper (11), Solon WR/LB; Hunter Kula (11), Solon RB; Ryan Sniezek (12), Solon OL/DL; Brittan Bowman (11), Fairfield QB/DB; Carson Crile (11), Fairfield QB/LB; Aaron Haines (12), Fairfield RB/LB; Steeler Higdon (12), Fairfield RB/LB; Hunter Hoskins (12), Fairfield WR/DB; Caden Jones (11), Fairfield WR/DB; Samuel Mattson (11), Fairfield OL/DL; Jackson Weaton (11), Fairfield WR/LB; Michael Glasscock (12), Keokuk OL/DL; Jerry Glenn (12), Keokuk OL/DL; Toby Nguyen (12), Keokuk OL/DL; Mat Wyatt 912), Keokuk WR/DB; Alex Wolter (11), Keokuk OL/DL; Caleb Gehle (12), Ft. Madison RB; Dalton Mabeus (12) , Ft. Madison OL/DL; A.J. Nolting (11), Ft. Madison K; Dom Frantz (11), Ft. Madison WR/DB; Samuel Hayes (11), Ft. Madison OL/LB; Alec Craft (11), Ft. Madison OLD/DL; Tanner Snodgrass (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame RB/LB; Drake Day (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame QB; Seth Miller (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame LB; Tyler Graham (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame DL; Austin Mixer (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame LB; Reece Richards (11), West-Burlington TE; Tyler Hill (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame LB; Cole Williams (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame OL; Daniel Crooks (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame CB; Colten Hohenthaner (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame WR/DB; Darius Whaley (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame RB.

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