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NL City Council plots out West Adams subdivision

Jan 20, 2017


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NEW LONDON – The West Adams Street addition in New London is beginning to take shape.

The building development, which had been met by resistance from some council members, as they wanted to make sure minimum city funds were used, is beginning to find its form. Wednesday night the council met for a work session following its joint meeting with the city’s utility trustees. During the work session, the council took a hard look at the preliminary plat for the development.

Future homes could be built over 3.3 acres of land, which has been divided into six parcels. The sixth parcel would remain part of the city as it encompasses a large ditch and is often overcome with rain runoff. The city has discussed tiling this area in the future.

The remaining five plots had a width of 100 feet and depth depending on the lot’s location. As the council looked closer they became concerned with setbacks on the sides of the houses.

“Would we be ahead to make them 120-foot wide lots on those four and shorten that other one up?” asked Councilman Kirk Miller. “Would that be better for building a house?”

The council agreed that with zoning requirements, residents would probably only be able to build an attached two-car garage and not a three-car.

Councilman Greg Malott reminded the board that they would have to market the lots in order to see them. He said perspective buyers were going to want to be able to build nice houses and not be so constrained by the size of their lot. “You don’t want the architect to get here and say there’s not enough room,” he said. “They’re only going to be able to build a two-car garage and a small ranch.”

Malott added that the larger lots broaden the market for the city as well, as a larger house would bring larger tax revenue down the road.

The council agreed to set the width of the lots at 110 feet.

The second area of debate was how to price the lots. Should the city lay out a flat rate for the five lots and sell them through a first-come-first-serve basis or should they be priced by square foot?

Malott was a supporter of a flat rate, as it might be easier to market. The council agreed, tossing around a price of $15,000.

The council will further discuss the West Adams plat during a future council meeting.


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