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No more speed bumps in Wayland?

Mar 20, 2014


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WAYLAND —  ­ The citizens of Wayland had a suggestion for the council about speed bumps, and the council listened.

The two speed bumps discussed are on the 500 block of Pearl Street and the 300 block of Pearl Street, and according to Wayland Mayor Brad Roth, citizens want them removed.

“The citizens want them gone and suggested we write citations,” said Roth. “We discussed it and decided to take them out., and that’s how we handle that.”

Because none of the three council members in attendance, City Clerk Bev Conrad and Roth could remember if placing the speed bumps was an actual action item, the council took no official action on removing them. They did agree, however, that the speed bumps should be removed for a trial period.

“Let’s just try it and if the speeding problem comes back then we will put them back in,” said Council member Greg Rich.

“If the problem comes back we will just put permanent ones in,” responded Roth. “We gave them their chance.”

Council member Melinda Ullery expressed some concern that issuing tickets may be more of a burden than having speed bumps.

“Number one, (Police Chief Ron Roth) can’t be everywhere at once,” said Ullery, noting that in order to be around to write tickets, officers would possibly be leaving other places unprotected.

“And number two, if someone complains (about a speeding car) he can’t get there and do anything about it unless they identify the driver,” finished Ullery.

Brad Roth then stated his opinion that after the first few tickets are written people will get the hint. “And there won’t be no warning tickets,” he announced.

The council also held a public hearing to review bids for the proposed Wayland Industrial Park East PCC pavement and drainage improvements.

While the council could not award a bid at their meeting without DOT approval, the lowest bid came from Leichty and Son Construction at $251,609.60. The council will need the DOT’s concurrence in order to move forward, due to the city using the RISE grant for the project. City officials estimate that DOT approval could be given as early as the next council meeting.

During the meeting, Brad Roth also made the proclamation that April 1, 2014, will be the Mayor’s Day of Recognition for National Service. The proclamation was made to honor those residents in Wayland who are active volunteers in national service organizations. Conrad noted that several Wayland residents are active volunteers in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) based in Mt. Pleasant.

The council also:

• Approved sending Conrad to annual training in Des Moines from April 9 to April 11.

• Set city wide garage sale dates for May 30 and 31.

• Set spring clean up for June 6.

• Approved building permits for the 200 block of West Second Street.

The next Wayland City Council meeting will be April 2, at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.


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