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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 19, 2018

On Mt. Pleasant, On Mt. Pleasant!

By Sally Y. Hayes


Mt. Pleasant News

“On Mt. Pleasant, on Mt. Pleasant, fight on for your fame!” The Mt. Pleasant school song has been stuck in my head most of the week, as the Panthers have been on the prowl at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

The Panthers defeated the ADM Tigers Wednesday afternoon and pounced on the Tigers of Grinnell last night to earn a coveted spot in the championship game against West Dubuque.

The Mt. Pleasant boys’ basketball team will be vying for the championship tomorrow night. A position that our maroon and gold Panthers haven’t been in since 1918, when Pinkie Green led the team to first place.

It has been great to hear reports of a town that has rallied behind the team.

Carloads of students and families have been trekking to Des Moines to support the Panthers; a flash to the classic basketball movie Hoosiers appears in my mind as a caravan of fans traveled to watch Hickory on their way to win the Indiana state championship.

Often times, students have made personalized t-shirts or are painted – arms, legs, face, hair and all. And that paint is never easy to wash off; I remember from my trip to support the Panthers against the Washington Demons in Cedar Rapids in 2006, sadly we lost that bout.

Other Panther fans at home have gathered around the radio to hear play-by-play action and have turned open the paper to the sports section to see snapshots of the victories.

As the school song has been on repeat in my head I’ve had the urge to throw on some face paint, toss on a maroon t-shirt, grab my trumpet and join the pep-band in pumping up the team.

In 2006, my senior year, the song played by the pep-band as the Panthers walked onto the court was The Final Countdown by Europe.

The Panthers are truly in the final countdown of their 2011-12 season, with the final game of their remarkable season tomorrow night. It will be the final high school basketball contest for the three seniors: Nick Lyon, Blake Vandenberg and Jordan Ashton.

Under the coaching of Paul Rundquist, the Panthers have accumulated an astounding record of 25-1, with one loss credited to a buzzer-beater shot against Cedar Rapids Prairie early in the season. This year’s team is also noted as the winningest team in school history.

Hopefully, tomorrow night the record bumps up to 26-1 and a first place trophy can be added to the cases at the high school for future Panthers to admire.

After a season of hard work and accumulating accolades in the last day before Daylight Savings, let’s gather around the team and support the Panthers as they fight for the championship.

“So fight Panthers; fight, fight, fight; to win this game!”