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Panther Profile: Bailey Johnson

Jun 15, 2017
Photo by: Andy Krutsinger Bailey Johnson

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Bailey Johnson is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther softball team.

Johnson was a member of the 2015 state tournament team and a first-team all-state selection in 2016.

Johnson met with The News on Monday before practice. The questions are in bold with her answers following.

Did you grow up in Mt. Pleasant? No. I grew up in Keokuk with my mom and my dad, because they were from there. Then, my dad got a job here and we moved here.

How old were you when you guys moved to Keokuk? I lived there until I was like two and then I came here and I’ve been here since Kindergarten.

Do you guys have any old Keokuk Chief stuff laying around the house, like any old t-shirts? Yeah, my dad’s jerseys and stuff like that. Pictures, all that good stuff.

How long have you been playing softball? Since I was eight.

And did you know that you were going to love it right away? Yeah. I mean, I don’t know if I was really good back then, but rec ball is where I started, and then a girl on my team and I started an ASA team.

Is there a chip on your shoulder this year, being a senior and having those state tournament memories? Yeah, definitely. This is what I want to do. I want to make it to state. Even if the rest of our year doesn’t go well, that’s all that matters to me is making it to state. It’s my last year and that would be like, the best thing.

What was your most memorable home run? Probably either (Monday) night against Fairfield or the last time we played Fairfield. Just because they are our rivals and I love proving them wrong and all that good stuff.

Which teammate do you sit by on long bus rides to away games? Cali (Liechty).

You guys are like an inseparable pair, right? Yes!

Do you guys share pitching tips or anything since you’re one and two on the team? Yeah, kind of. We’re almost the same type of pitchers. We both have the same movements, we’re kind of the same speed. She has a little bit better of a change up than I do, because I never know where mine is going to go.

Ok, you get an at-bat against Coach Mears. If he gets you out, he gets a million dollars. If you get a hit, you get a million. What’s the result of that at-bat? I’m getting a million dollars! “Meatball Mears” is what we call him.

Oh yeah? Would you take him deep? Um, yeah!

If Coach Mears got sick one day and one of your teammates had to step up and be the coach, who would you choose? Makayla Cam.

Why’s that? Because she’s funny and she’d make practice like, awesome.

So just from a fun standpoint? Yeah, just a fun day of practice. Just a day off.

What is your take on softball chants? Because some teams do them, they have special chants, but you guys don’t seem to do it as much. I don’t know. We kind of make fun of the other teams that do it, just because we feel like little kids. We still cheer and try and be as loud as we can. Just not like, cheers that we used to do when we were little kids.

Favorite movie or TV show? My favorite TV show would have to be…that’s a hard question…Oh! Friday Night Lights.

If you could pick a sport that you haven’t gone out for high school and go out for one season, what would you choose? Golf.

Why is that, just because Cali golfs? Yeah, I mean I’m not good at it but I’d like to try it, because the first time I went with her, I broke her brand new driver. I chipped it into the ground and it just broke.

That’s pretty tough. Yeah, she was mad at me.

You can pick one celebrity to spend the whole day with, who would you pick? Lebron James.

What would you guys do? Play basketball.

Do you think he’s a good softball player? Do you think you could strike him out? No, I think I could strike him out.

He’s got a huge strike zone. Yeah…I could strike him out.

What if you could have one superpower? To read people’s minds. Because some people are very confusing. And then if people don’t like changeups, I’ll throw them a changeup.

Do you have any pets? No. I used to have two dogs and a fish.

Are you a dog person or cat person? Dog. I’m allergic to cats.

iPhone or Android? iPhone

Favorite iPhone app? Snapchat. I use it all the time.

Who is your favorite teacher? Mr. McBeth. (Eighth-grade)

Oh, he was also your coach, right? Yep! I just always got along with him. I always brought him cookies and stuff. Not because I was a suck up or anything but I was always close with him. He comes and supports me at my games. He was just easy to get along with and he cares a lot about us.

Panther Profile is a series of feature interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will feature athletes currently on the baseball and softball teams.


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