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Panther Profile: Catherine Prough

May 18, 2017
Photo by: Andy Krutsinger Catherine Prough

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Catherine Prough is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther girls’ soccer team.

Prough is currently the second-leading scorer for Mt. Pleasant with 16 points on the season.

Prough met with The News on Wednesday during practice in an interview that was briefly interrupted by a tornado warning. The questions are in bold with her answers following.

We always start with the easy questions first. Did you grow up here in Mt. Pleasant? No, I was born in Tulsa, Okla., and I didn’t move here until I was six years old.

Oh really? You don’t have the Oklahoma accent anymore do you? No, people make fun of some of the words I say, like I saw “fo-ward” instead of “forward.”

How long have you been playing soccer? Ok, so I’ve been playing soccer, honestly as long as I can remember. My mom always joked, because my brothers would always have their soccer practices, that I grew up on the soccer field because I would always hop in with their practices. I played rec team but then I switched to tournament team, like co-ed with the boys.

Do you have plans for after high school? I do. I’m going to Iowa State in the fall. My current major is elementary education but I’m kind of considering changing that, so not quite sure absolutely, but along those lines.

All throughout your career, what is the highest amount of goals you have scored in one game? I scored six goals just recently. That’s as many as I can remember. I actually had seven, but they didn’t count one of mine so that was disappointing. But it was cool because three goals is a “hat-trick,” so I had six goals, which was a “double hat-trick,” but I called it a “double Cat-trick,” because my name is “Cat” on the field. (Laughing) That was exciting.

People will like that, “double Cat-trick.” Alright, what is the word or phrase that Coach Williams says the most during practice? To the entire team, our favorite is all the line. That means get your butt to the line because we’re about to do sprints, or down-and-backs, or anything fun.

Conditioning is always fun, right? Yeah, it’s not fun! But he always calls me “Chief” so that’s kind of my nickname. So it’s always fun to have your own nickname and be like, on a personal basis with your coach.

What do you like better, home games or road games? Well, it depends on the team we are playing. I definitely like winning at home a lot better. Home games are awesome because when you do win, you can storm the field and see all your parents and friends and everything, and it’s kind of cool to see who travels to see you. So probably home games.

Have you ever gotten a red card? I have not gotten a red card, but I got a yellow last year.

Did you come close to getting a second? No, I didn’t really deserve the yellow but there was one time where I had a really ugly, bad slide-tackle in the box where I should have gotten a red but I didn’t. So I got out of that one.

Do you have any superstitions? I always wear the same spandex and hair tie. I always keep that on, and I always listen to the same song before.

Which one? “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” from Lilo and Stitch (laughing). That’s like a pregame song for sure.

Pretend you’re dribbling the ball into the box and a defender bumps you but not hard enough to knock you over. Do you embellish a little and fall? No, I’m usually pretty safe about that stuff. I mean, if I have that chance to shoot I’m totally going to shoot it. I’m not going to let them stop me. If I weren’t about to shoot, I would totally like…not so much flop or anything but I would definitely knock them down some. Get a little aggressive back.

Oh, so you’d just knock them down instead? Definitely, yeah!

That’s the opposite. That’s the tough answer. Yeah!

When you are not at school or practice, what could you be found doing? I actually baby-sit a lot. I’m always busy baby-sitting, or I coach a rec team. So, I coach first through third grade boys, so it’s pretty exciting. I also spend a lot of time with my friends, just going out and finding places we can go to.

Would you rather be rich or famous? Oh, can I be both?

No. Um, ok. I think I’d rather be rich because if you’re famous then everyone wants to be around you all the time. I’m an extrovert for sure, but I definitely like being alone a lot too. That’s kind of contradicting, but definitely rich….and then you can buy stuff for people all the time and buy as much Sonic as you want.

We don’t have Sonic here though. No, I go to Burlington all the time for Sonic. Like, at least once a week. That’s what my friends and I do, we just drive to Sonic.

Favorite movie or TV show? My favorite TV show is “How I Met Your Mother” for sure. I watch it at least once a summer, like the whole eight seasons. But then my favorite movie is “Tangled.” Kind of childish, but I watch it all the time, over and over.

Seems like you’re big into Disney, right? Oh yeah, definitely!

You get 10 penalty kicks against Coach Williams. He is playing goalie. How many times do you score? I don’t know, he’s a pretty good goalie, but I think I could tire him out by like, the sixth. So I’d feel confident in maybe four of five.

What about the other way around? Oh, I’m an awful goalie. I think I’ve played every position but keeper, so he would definitely score every single one on me.

If all your coaches got sick before a big game, and someone had to step up and be the player-coach, who would it be? Definitely Shyla Hiler. She just has that coach aspect. She’s an assistant coach for our rec team and she’s just already there. She’s all informed and well trained…She’s just the best, and she knows what is best for our teammates. She’s just great! I’d definitely choose Shyla.

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would it be? Uh oh. Could I think for a second? What do other people say?

A lot of people say Zac Efron for some reason, I don’t really get that. No, no! Um…can we come back to this one?

We’ll come back to that one. What if you could pick a superpower to have for the rest of your life? I think I’d like to slow down time or control time. Or like, that “Click” remote in that Adam Sandler movie.

Yeah, you could pause it. Definitely, or fast-forward.

We could fast-forward through this tornado warning. Well, it’s kind of nice…but we have a team meal after this, so I’m gonna get hungry.

Who is your favorite teacher? I really liked Mrs. Kongable, who is now Mrs. Pringnitz. She was my fifth grade teacher, and I feel like she really shaped me. And hat class is where I met a lot of my best friends who I’m still friends with today.

Alright, back to which celebrity. Last question. Let me think of my favorite TV show…oh! Definitely Jason Segel. He’s Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother.” He’s great….oh, no, no, no! Neil Patrick Harris. Because he’s handsome, he’s awesome, he can act anything. He can act anything, funny or super serious. I feel like we’d get along. And he has really cute kids, and his husband can cook, so I would just be the happiest person in the world!

So what would you guys do? Ya know, maybe he could teach me some acting stuff. I really like “Gone Girl,” he’s a really good actor in that, so if he had that house, I would totally just got there and play with the cameras and I bet he has cool remote control cars.

Panther Profile is a series of interviews with Mt. Pleasant High School athletes currently in season. This season will focus on athletes currently playing on the Mt. Pleasant golf, soccer, tennis and track and field teams.


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