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Panther Profile: Joey Holtkamp

Oct 05, 2017
Photo by: Andy Krutsinger Joey Holtkamp

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Joey Holtkamp is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the boys’ cross-country team.

Holtkamp is a two-sport athlete, who can also be found playing tennis for the Panthers in the spring.

He met with The News on Wednesday before practice. The questions are in bold with his answers following.

Did you grow up here in Mt. Pleasant? No, I live about 15 miles south, down by Houghton. I went to Ft. Madison to start out with.

When did you move into Mt. Pleasant? I switched schools in sixth grade.

How long have you been running cross-country? Since seventh-grade.

Do you have plans for after high school? Go to Iowa State, probably. It’s the best choice for engineering.

Have you always been an Iowa State guy? I only have two Iowa State shirts. I’ve always had Iowa Hawkeyes. But I’m not really into sports that much. I like to do sports, but just don’t like to watch them, so I didn’t care as much about “Iowa or Iowa State” or any of that.

Do you have a favorite course to run at? I think Fairfield is my favorite course. They just have the best scenery, and it’s all around a lake.

When you arrive at a course, is there one thing in particular that makes you not like it? Yeah, it’s usually hills or if it’s really wet out.

Do you have special cleats or anything for when it’s wet? No, I just run in regular tennis shoes.

Do you have any nicknames? Well, everyone calls me Joey. That’s what I’ve always gone by, but when I first started running cross-country, an upper-classman gave me the nickname “Joey-bag-of-donuts.” Every once in a while I’ll hear someone throw that out.

When I talked to Kelsey Notestein last time, she said the guys are chatter boxes the whole time when you run. So I want to know if Coach Anderson had a mute button and he could shut one of you guys up for a practice, who would he choose? I don’t know, we all say some stupid stuff. He wouldn’t really want to shut up any one person, more just the snarky comments.

But mostly the guys right? So that’s true that you guys are the talkers? Yeah, the girls are a lot quieter.

When you are not at practice or a meet, what can we find you doing? Right now, homework, because classes are hard. A lot of times in my free time I’ll go down to our cabin. Otherwise I’ll be sitting at home playing instruments.

If you could hang out with one celebrity for a day, who would you choose? I’m not big on celebrities. I don’t keep up with them very much, so I’d have to think on that one. I’d say Luke Bryan, or someone country.

Since you’re a musician, could you sing any of his songs? Not right now! I just sing when I’m in the car, and all our music classes.

What would you guys do? Probably go to another concert.

What if you could pick a super power to have, what would you choose? It would be super speed.

Would you rather be rich or famous? I would rather be rich, because if you’re famous, everyone knows everything in your life. If you’re rich, you can do pretty much anything.

Favorite movie or TV show? Favorite TV show has got to be “How I Met Your Mother.”

I never watched that one but I heard it had a controversial ending to it. Yeah, a little bit.

If you’re running for president, you can pick any of your teammates to be your running mate. Who would you choose? I would have to say Alec Gardner, because he is level headed and he can keep a secret?

That’s good, so he’s not going to rat you out. Nope!

Who’s your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher has got to be Mr. DePriest. I have him for all my band and music classes. He’s my advisor and when I have free time, I’ll just go to the band room and hang out.

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