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Panther Profile: Zac Ebeling

Jun 22, 2017
Photo by: Andy Krutsinger Zac Ebeling

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Zac Ebeling is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther baseball team.

Ebeling supplies plenty of power to the baseball team. He currently leads in home runs, with two, and RBIs, with 27. He also played running back for the Panther football team.

Ebeling met with The News on Tuesday before practice. The questions are in bold with his answers following.

Did you grow up in Mt. Pleasant? I started out in New London up until fifth-grade and I’ve been here ever since.

How long have you been playing baseball? Ever since when I was young, probably eight years old or before that.

This class has actually been successful even before high school, right? Were you on those teams leading up? Yeah, we had a traveling team when we were in middle school and before that, and then I played on a couple of other traveling teams before that. We got first in a good amount and played some pretty good teams.

Do you have plans for after high school? Yeah, I’m going to go to UNI (University of Northern Iowa).

Do you know what you’re studying yet? I’m going to study business.

Better feeling, scoring a touchdown or hitting a home run? I don’t know. I’d have to say hitting a home run because the other day I hit a walk-off and it felt pretty good.

I bet that did. Did you know it was gone? Yeah, after I watched it a while I was like, “I think that’s gonna go,” so it was a good feeling.

Do you have any superstitions? No, not that I know of.

No pre-game ritual or anything like that? No, I wear this necklace, but that’s about it.

If Coach Broeker had a mute button that he could use on anybody at practice, who would he use it on the most? Our manager, “Tweak,” Ethan Brooks.

He’s a talker? Yeah!

When you’re not at school or practice, what would we find you doing? Hanging out with friends, or I like to lift weights a lot. I’m usually in the weight room, or sleeping.

We ask this one to everybody. You can hang out with one celebrity for a whole day, who do you pick? Oh boy, probably Vin Diesel.

Oh yeah, would you guys lift weights? Yeah, I like him a lot. I’ve seen all the Fast and the Furious movies so he’s pretty cool.

What if you could have one super power? I’d probably have to go with flying. I’d fly all over, from home to wherever I go.

What about out of country? Yeah, I’d probably fly to Canada or Mexico or somewhere like that.

You get one at-bat against Coach Broeker. If he gets you out, he gets a million dollars. If you get him out, you get a million. What is the final result of that at-bat? I’m getting a hit.

What is it, a double, hitting it over the fence? Anything. If it’s a million dollars, I don’t care what I have to do.

Favorite movie or TV show? TV show probably Drake and Josh. Movie, probably Fast and the Furious.

Drake and Josh is a classic. Yeah, it’s a good show, I like that.

Do you have any nicknames? They call me Hyde.

Hyde? Yeah, because my grandpa…it’s my mom’s maiden name and he got my last name mixed up. He called me “Zac Hyde” once instead of Ebeling so a lot of people call me Hyde.

Would you rather win the lottery, win the presidential election or win the state baseball tournament? State baseball tournament. It’d be pretty cool to go to state because I’ve never been to state in any sport. It would be pretty cool if we could do that.

That’s the proper answer for one of these interviews. Yeah, right!

This is kind of back to your flying thing, but if you could travel anywhere in the world for a week, where would you choose? Probably St. Lucia down by the Caribbean. I think it would be pretty fun. My brother went there for his honeymoon and it looked pretty sweet.

Who do you sit by on long bus rides? Pat Canby. He’s one of my better friends.

Last question. What was your favorite class in school? My favorite class in school was probably math because that’s what I was best at.

Did you have (Coach) Broeker? Yeah, I did have Broek, so he treated me pretty well.

Panther Profile is a series of feature interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will feature athletes currently on the baseball and softball teams.

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