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Parson to Person: Ask questions

By JASON COLLIER, lay pastor Wayland First United Methodist Church and Crawfordsville United Church | Jan 25, 2013

Have you ever heard the story about the family, who always cut the Thanksgiving turkey in half before they cooked it? One day the granddaughter asked her mom, “Why do we always cut the turkey in half before we cook it?” Mom says, “I’m not sure that’s just the way my mother always did it.” So the next time the family was together, she asked her grandmother, “Why did you always the turkey in half?” Her reply was simple. She said, “My pan was not big enough for the whole bird.”

Sometimes I wonder if that’s how it is with church. We often have things we say and do that we don’t understand. We do them just because they always have.

There are also things in the church that I am not sure why it’s there. For instance, I was in one church that had a large photo of the Lord’s Supper on one side of the sanctuary. I asked if we could take it down. “Oh no,” came the reply from the council members, “that has never been moved.” As I checked a little closer, it seems there was an outlet fire behind that photo and the repairs had never been done. All that time the photo was put there just to hide the smoke damage.

So, if you have a curious nature and have wondered all your life about church related stuff, this is your lucky day! Most of those questions are answered on the website, your one-stop video shop for questions you have about church. Things like why we call the back hall the Narthex. Or what is with the clerical collar some priests wear? You may even want to know why some of our churches have two pulpits.

On a more personal note, I would like to encourage everyone to ask more questions. Kids can teach us so much, and their ability to ask questions is one of the best ways to stimulate brain growth. People who ask good questions are better liked in their community. It’s also a great way to start a conversation.

Imagine how it would make you feel if someone asked you the right questions? After all, Jesus asked lots of questions and even answered questions with a question. Give it a try. You will notice that your world may begin to change for the better.

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