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Parson to Person: God’s at least as good as you

By George LaMore | Nov 15, 2013

I perceive that no one listens to my words with the intensity they exhibit at funerals. They seem to be pondering, “Maybe this time the curtain will part, a bell will ring, then I shall truly know the grave is not final.”
Perhaps the greatest funeral sermon ever preached was by Jesus of Nazareth, on a very different occasion. What he said was:
Which one of you if your son asks
for bread would give him a stone,
or for a fish would give him a serpent?
Well then, if you who are evil
know how to do good things
for those you love will not your
Heavenly Father do as well?
That’s it, isn’t it – the fundamental formula! God is at least as good as we are.
Last week I counseled with a man who had lost his wife and seemed utterly inconsolable. “But what’s become of her?” he repeated.
I answered, “Think now, if you were God what would you do for her... and you? Recite to yourself over and over, ‘God is at least as good as I am.’” Jesus’ very point.
When I got home, this poem wrote itself:
Eternal life is not doubt true
If God is half as good as you.
The Book asks if a child needs bread
Who’d give his child a stone instead?
The things we need to believe are few:
That God’s at least as good as you.
Can there be a power to save,
Not just from sin, I mean the grave?
The thing that makes your courage new
Is God’s at least as good as you!

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