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Parson to Person: It’s time for show and tell

Oct 25, 2013

One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing the world through your kids’ eyes. With three boys, I love getting to see things the way they see them.  There’s excitement all around us; with new toys, with every stick or leaf they find and turn into something, and with every piece of art they draw “for me”.
It’s also fun to relive my childhood with my boys; playing with transformers, super heroes and introducing them to the wonders of old He-Man cartoons.
Recently I was reminded of one very special event in the life of a kid: “show and tell.” Remember that time at school when you had the chance to bring whatever you wanted to school to show your friends and explain its significance? 
I loved “show and tell,” and so do my boys. They want to bring their most special stuffed animals, some cool new toy, or their pet frog and toad.
In helping my boys choose their “show and tell” items, I realized that it is a great description for Jesus’ mission. In fact, we see it all through the Gospels as Jesus not only teaches about the love of God and how to experience the kingdom of God, but shows it in meeting the needs of people wherever he goes. Jesus heals the sick, forgives sinners and even raises the dead; showing that He is truly the Son of God who cares about not only our spiritual needs but our physical needs as well.
Just like when our kids do “show and tell” at school, both ways of sharing the Gospel of Jesus are essential. We cannot just tell people about Jesus if we are unable or unwilling to show what living with Jesus looks like.  I think the Church has gotten a bad reputation in our culture because we tell and tell (and yell) without showing the kind of radical love that Jesus showed. So maybe it’s time for some “show and tell” of our own.

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