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Pets can impact our spiritual growth

By Rev. David Bracht-Wagner | Aug 09, 2013

There are people who love pets. Currently, I have a pet dog and have had pets most of my life, so I would be in the group labeled pet people. Within the group of pet people, there is a variety of types and styles of pet people. There are the exotic pet people, the one-pet person, the multi-pet people and then there are those that have “Wow, how many?!?!?!”

As I mentioned above, I have a pet. My pet is a six-year-old black lab, who at times teaches me how we as humans should act. My dog has two jobs according to my wife, to greet us at the door and to play ball. Admittedly, he does not always fulfill these jobs to the greatest of proficiency. He is sometimes a little slow getting off the bed upstairs to be at the door when we enter and he gets distracted by other smells and does not always bring the ball back, so it may be thrown again. However, no matter what our day has been we know that when we enter our home and he greets us, it is with true joy and excitement. His favorite part of the day is when he has our undivided attention to himself, usually when we are on a walk. At that moment for him, the world is right and good.

Now, for some you may be asking, “What does your dog have to do with my spiritual life?” Good question, thank you for asking. Reverse the letters of DOG and you have GOD. My dog reminds me of how God feels about me. When I pause in my day and recognize God’s presence, I find that God is right with me, following me wherever I go and wanting to be in my life. There is true joy and excitement in life and God wants nothing more than to spend not just all of my life here with him, but all of eternity. The best part of the day is when we give God those moments of undivided attention, for us the world suddenly seems a little more right and good. Take some time and spend it with God.


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