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Questions on the school board, superintendent

Jun 04, 2014

To the editor:

(Mt. Pleasant) School Board President Brad Holtkamp stated at a community meeting April 30 that the board was aware Superintendent (Mike) Wells did not have his educational doctorate when he was hired.

Were they aware of their blatant violation of board policy 302.2 by hiring Wells for an initial term which exceeded one year? Wells stated on his Winterset resume he anticipated receiving an educational doctorate in 2009, in Cedar Falls it became 2012, Mt. Pleasant it was May 2013.

Fortunately, as has been confirmed by a certificate of enrollment (provided by the UNI Registrar’s office via Public Records request) Superintendent Wells has ended years of anticipation after he was recently conferred a doctorate degree on May 10 — just one day after his commencement ceremony. Unfortunately, what Wells has not received is a specialist degree, which he claims to hold from UNI since 2003 on the last three resumes he submitted in order to obtain gainful employment as a superintendent (including Mt. Pleasant). These aforementioned actions should prompt a close reading of Iowa Code 715A.6A and chapter 272.

Understandably, there are interruptions in any process as difficult and time consuming as earning an educational doctorate. However, what is quite difficult to understand is why in January 2014, our superintendent commenced to signing our diplomas, legal documents, grants, emails and questions to the public as Dr. Wells in his capacity as superintendent — this despite the fact his dissertation approval form would not be signed until March 28 and his educational doctorate would be conferred until May 10, 2014, These actions should prompt a close reading of the Iowa Board of Examiners Code of Professional Conducts and Ethics, Standard 1a.

To date, gross ethical violations of our superintendent could have been triumphed only by our board of education’s extraordinary lack of jurisprudence — which was painfully demonstrated on the night of May 12; after emerging from nearly two hours of deliberation in closed session, whereupon they failed to terminate the superintendent’s contract; section 13 of which states, “This contract is invalid if any of the following occur: an employment background check reveals that the superintendent has a history of criminal activities or other conduct professionally inappropriate for a superintendent, or that the superintendent provided false or substantially misleading information in the application process.”

Either our superintendent falsified no less than three resumes, or is too incompetent to create one which accurately reflects his credentials. Do these actions by Superintendent Wells, or the inaction of our board of education to reprimand this conduct unbecoming, demonstrate the kind of leadership, responsibility and integrity we hope to see from the future generations of this community, let alone the administrators in charge of our school system?

I encourage all to visit to view the public records, the law and board policies to make their own informed decision as to whether they, too, are satisfied.

Patrick Batey,

Mt. Pleasant


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