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Reader questions school board, superintendent’s integrity

Aug 01, 2014

To the Editor:

The response of the vice president of the Mt. Pleasant School Board in last Wednesday’s newspaper (July 23 Mt. Pleasant News) confirmed my suspicions as to where some, if not all, of the board stood.

The fact that two board members voted not to table the contract extension, but wanted to make it happen adds to the confirmation that the board is not concerned about the students and the teachers of our district nearly as much as they are about covering their hind ends for the choice they made regarding hiring Wells.

Let us be straight. Leadership is supposed to include honesty, ethics and integrity. For several years Mr. Wells was intentionally lying about having a doctorate. He identified himself as having his PhD, when in fact he did not. His actions over this last year have been consistent with his lack of integrity in whatever title he chooses to claim.

The school board was either deceived and decided that deception is acceptable, or they were aware of the deception and chose to become co-conspirators in the deception. I am told that the board did indeed know of the deception.

Teachers and support staff have shown us that this lack of integrity from Wells (and, it appears, at least some of the board) is but the tip of the iceberg. It is time for the parents and community to call for the immediate resignation of Mister, or Doctor, or whatever he claims as a title this week, and if any members of the board knew of the deception, they must resign as well.

What is the board and superintendent teaching our young people with this conduct? What are we teaching them if we condone it?

One school staff member recently commented this summer that the sophomores and juniors at our high school can follow the example of their current superintendent and declare themselves graduated on their resumes and applications.

So – congratulations. True — you aren’t yet there...but you are getting around to it. Go for it. The school board will back you. It is all about integrity and ethics, right?


P. R. Gress

Mt Pleasant

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