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Reader supports superintendent, board

May 28, 2014

To the editor:

As a graduate of Mt. Pleasant High School, I was interested to learn more about the proposed strategic plan for the community’s schools so I went to one of the five community meetings.

I was impressed with the scope of the plan, both including academic proposals and improvements to our facilities. Also, it was clear that this was a proposal and not a done deal.

The board of education was asking for feedback and for questions. It was clear that all board members and school officials were knowledgeable. We were told that if we wished we could check our MPCSD website to see the strategic plan/proposal.

Those attending the open meeting were invited to attend the school board meeting the following Wednesday. “Hmmm,” I thought. “Think I’ll go.”

I was not disappointed. It is clear to this 60-year graduate that much has happened between 1954 and 2014. Student and instructional needs are now very different. Sure, we still need math, reading, along with critical thinking skills. Seeing Rebecca Lehman describe her computer project blew me away. She had a slick power-point presentation and actually demonstrated the solution to the problem she had posed. What she needs to learn to propel her toward a successful college experience was not even thought of when I sat in classes all those years ago.

And if anyone thinks, “Kids today don’t do anything but text each other,” they should have heard teacher April Pforts report on the silver cord service group. Another thing we didn’t have back then.

“Where is she going with this?” you may well ask. Here’s my direction. We are in a new era. Information, knowledge and research have mushroomed in recent years. We compete worldwide, not statewide.

As a district we need to meet the challenges on behalf of our children. And they are all our children. We must move forward. While I no longer have kids in the local schools, folks like me must make the sacrifice just as our parents and grandparents did for us. If we as a nation and a state are to grow and prosper in this competitive world, we must step up to the plate.

Our superintendent and our committed school board deserve our support as we move into the future. As a 60-year graduate and rural member of the community, I’m on board for the challenge.

Mary Beth Young,

1954 graduate of MPHS,

Mt. Pleasant

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