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Retiring elementary school teachers discover a dynamite exit

Harlan instructors have spent a combined 77 years in MP
May 30, 2013
Photo by: Brooks Taylor Marge Roth, Harlan Elementary School second-grade teacher, works on a dinosaur project with her class.


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A pair of Harlan Elementary School second-grade teachers are ending the year — and their teaching careers — in dynamite fashion.

Marge Roth and Faye Schultz, who have taught a combined 77 years in the Mt. Pleasant Community School District, came up with the idea to end the year. Roth has taught second grade throughout her 39 years in the district, while Schultz has taught other lower elementary grades in addition to second grade.

“We are doing a dinosaur day today,” Roth proudly said Tuesday morning as her class was huddled at various stations throughout the classroom.

Across the hall, similar activity was occurring in Schultz’s room.

“It is a dynamite way to motivate, enrich and excite children to learn in all curricular areas,” Schultz assessed. “It is also a rewarding way to end the year, culminating all learning.”

There were several people from the community aiding, as was Jessie Van Dorin, an Iowa Wesleyan College student who has been involved throughout the year in Schultz’s classes.

One group was making dinosaur cookies for a treat later in the day. Another group was composing a dinosaur story, another group was making dinosaur hats and still another group was composing cinquain poems about dinosaurs. You get it — dynamite dinosaur projects on both sides of the hall.

Roth said the stations covered all areas of curriculum — writing, math, poetry, puppets and science.

And looking at the kids’ faces, it was difficult to argue that it was a dynamite way to end the year.

Classes in the school district conclude tomorrow (Friday).


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