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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 19, 2018

Sally's silver Sebring strikes stag

By Sally Y. Hayes


Mt. Pleasant News

After a session of yoga followed by a nice conversation with friends over a relaxing cup of tea Thursday evening I was ready to go home, take the pups out and catch some Zs. However, that agenda was not in store for me - that poor deer.

The sun had set completely when Will and I headed back to Mt. Pleasant northbound on 218 from the Salem area. We were chatting about football, the upcoming weekend, and Thor and Loki. Suddenly, from my left something came darting from the grassy median, a large something for that matter – that poor deer.

My gaze met his deep black eyes as my grip on the steering wheel tightened, a still second in a fast moving moment. I failed to scream and did not swerve; I hit the brake pedal as much as I could safely, but nothing was going to prevent the collision – that poor deer.

My mind raced, “What if we’d had another cup of tea? What if we’d left before telling one more story? What if Will had driven instead?” But we didn’t have another cup of tea, we did listen to one more story and I had volunteered to drive; putting us at that particular place on the highway at that particular time – that poor deer.

The driver’s side headlight struck the stag, which continued down the driver’s side of the Sebring, named Silver. (Yes, before embarking on long road trips, from behind the wheel, I jokingly say, “Hi-ho, Silver, away!”) The front quarter panel, hood and driver’s side door now resemble the moon’s surface – dented. The rearview mirror and door handle are long gone. And the windshield has a fist-size hole in front of the steering wheel – that poor deer.

Silver came to a stop sans airbag deployment, at this point I was shaking; before I could say anything Will asked if I was alright. Both of us were fine, shaken but unharmed. I then went to reach for my phone to call for help, but Will pointed out that a Trooper had already pulled up behind us. The officer was ironically directly across the highway in the southbound lanes helping a semi-truck that had hit a deer minutes before when he heard the telltale thud of a collision – that poor deer.

Silver is now vacationing at a local auto body shop awaiting a makeover. Will and I eventually made it home safely that night. I am now extra cautious on the roads, and I hope that others follow suit, because that poor deer could have easily been that poor driver and passenger.