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School employee defends administration

Aug 08, 2014

To the editor:

In response to recent letters to the editor, people were asked to speak with Mt. Pleasant School staff, including administrative assistants, about their views on the superintendent. None of the people that have written the negative letters to the editor have ever approached me and asked me my opinion. I am Mr. Wells’ Administrative Assistant and feel the community needs to know the truth.

I am tired of being out in public and unable to go anywhere without being questioned about my boss or my job. When I am asked, I have defended Mr. Wells and supported him 100 percent. Yes, I’ve had to work harder and do more, but have never been threatened, bullied or harassed.

It’s been stated in letters to the editor that this is not because of dress code, staff attendance and accountability, when that is exactly what this is about. I don’t know any other place of employment where you can spread such vicious gossip and rumors and still be employed. The personal attacks by some of our staff and community members is the most unprofessional behavior I have ever witnessed in my life. It is an embarrassment to our school district. Imagine yourself and/or your family being attacked in this manner.

I was in attendance at the staff meeting on the first day last year and there were absolutely no insults or intimidating attacks; the vote of no confidence is totally misleading; the majority of staff is not leaving our district because of the superintendent; I could go on and on and on. It only shows how ridiculous and completely out of control this whole situation has gotten.

Let’s take the focus from a small group of people who have a personal agenda against the superintendent and put the focus back where it should have been all along – the kids. I have written this letter on my own; I was not coerced or bullied into writing it. I want to make that clear before the next rumor gets started.

Cindy Smith

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