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Scribblers enjoy swapping creative narratives at regular meeting

Nov 22, 2017

Six Scribblers met at Ann Porter’s home at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 13. Rita Davis was co-host for the evening.

Two books have been placed in the Mt. Pleasant Public Library in memory of people in the community. In Beryl Shahan’s memory is the book “Words Are my Matter,” and in memory of Ella Vilsack, granddaughter of Tom and Christie Vilsack, “The Mermaid and the Shoe.”

After the business portion of the meeting was adjourned, the program of shared writing was enjoyed. As usual, the readings were eclectic, enjoyable and prompted comments, laughter and discussion.

Karen Osborne began by reading “Memory Care” of her experience at Sunny Brook. The previously mysterious portion of the facility, beyond the locked doors at the end of the hall, has unexpectedly become a place where she treasures new friendships, and enjoys reading to residents as they study together the book “Blessings,” by Anna Quindlen. Osborne has been pleasantly surprised and enlightened as her expectations and preconceived notions have dramatically changed as she continues this service to the facility.

Portions from “400 Days,” beginnings of interwoven thoughts of peacemaking and soldiering, were read by Rita Davis. Her writing is based on her son’s deployment to Fort Hood, Texas, where he is undergoing intense training in leading troops before serving in Kuwait and Iraq. This is juxtaposed with her paternal family of origin’s faith-based peacemaking stance and her brother’s contradictory military service. The experiences with her son has contributed to the process of learning to appreciate the sacrifices and service of those who believe differently.

Waunita Hobbie read her first Christmas letter written in 1964, when, like others of us, she found herself tired of repeating the same details endlessly. Scribblers were impressed and delighted as they traveled back in history with her. She wrote of her after- Christmas trip to Chicago for a play and experiencing French fried strawberries, and in July a vacation to the Lake Wapello, relaxing on the beach.

In her “daily grind activities” in the Sowers Insurance Agency, Hobbie recalled her groundbreaking leadership as president of the Henry County Association of Independent Insurance Agents, and was the only female agent in Iowa to have that honor. When her curiosity led her to investigate the activities of the American Association of University Women at Iowa Wesleyan College, she ended up as their president.

Hobbie was also director of the Alpha Xi Delta girls and vice president of the 30 year old Scribblers group. In her spare time, she enjoyed the Book of the Month Club, reading Agatha Christie’s books and sharing coffee and conversations with neighboring tenants. She also was a high scoring bowler with 224 points after six years in her bowling league.

Reflecting on her 77 years, Ann Porter read of mentally processing options and making decisions regarding what to do with this chapter in her life — painting, writing, knitting, etc. She told of one particular en plein-air event in the Amanas, which both challenged her bodily energy and mobility and delighted and encouraged her as she showcased her talents. She entered her watercolor painting done during the event, “The Last Hurrah”, which was a representation of three sagging cabins in the near landscape, won third place out of 50-plus entries and sold to a local studio.

Marilyn Vincent’s piece, “Laughter” centered on a bell-ringing experience of “mental aerobics” in practice. During some parts of the practice, she and fellow ringers were amused and laughing uncontrollably at times due to mistakes and excessive expenditure of energy, attributed to “over-practice fatigue.” Despite practice seeming rough, she found herself joyfully skipping intermittently on her way home. (The Sunday performance went quite well.) She also reported a public performance of the bell ringers is scheduled for Dec. 3, at IW.

After the readings were shared, Scribblers enjoyed refreshments of hot spiced cider, cheese, crackers, fruit and candy with good conversation.

The next Scribbler meeting is scheduled for a Christmas dinner on Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. Co- hostesses Claudia Streeter and Hobbie, have organized this annual event at Jumbo Buffet. The program will be shared writing. Anyone interested in joining Scribblers may call any member or President Karen Osborne at 319-367-5586.

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