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Sheriff receives permission to proceed with building

Oct 25, 2013


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“A new storage building would be beneficial not just to us, but to you as well,” Henry County Sheriff Rich McNamee informed the board during Thursday’s Henry County Board of Supervisors meeting.

“We would have more storage for records and what not, and you guys could use it too, if you needed to,” McNamee continued. “I have discussed the possibility with contractors and lumberyards, also the county attorney, and I have worked on a speculation sheet, a drawing, some schematics and an aerial photo to put this into perspective.”

The new storage building, according to McNamee, would be 60-foot long and 40-foot wide and would host a 10-foot door, “so if we needed to store something bigger than a sedan,” McNamee explained. The height would be about a foot over the city ordinance, but McNamee has acquired permission from the the Mt. Pleasant City’s Board of Adjustment to exceed city regulations.

“The entrance to the new building will be to the east and we won’t have any windows. We don’t need windows because it’s only for storage,” McNamee said. “I did add a furnace to the proposal that wasn’t there before, but that shouldn’t cost much. I asked about the new boilers we had to see if they could possibly heat the area, but I was told that they wouldn’t.”

McNamee added, “The proposal I have for the specifications we need is the most cost-effective coupled with fulfilling our need and giving us room to grow.”

The board approved the project idea and McNamee was given permission to put an advertisement in the Winfield, New London, Mt. Pleasant and Wayland newspapers in order to get bids for the project. “We will wait a couple weeks and allow bids to come in, then we can go over them together,” McNamee finished.

Sarah Berndt, CPC for Henry County, discussed her monthly updates with the board. She informed the board:

•The monthly report for general assistance has been standard requests and approvals (bills, first month rent, deposit)

• If the income guideline was modified to 50 to 75 percent of federal poverty, then approximately nine more people could be helped and it would increase cost by about $7,200.

•The total budget for wages, rent, utilities and funeral costs as of the end of September (first quarter) has been completed.

• Two people asked for help with the new marketplace but they ended up not needing help because they have IowaCares and it automatically transfers it for them.

• There is an increase in Henry County residents being admitted to the MHI in the IRTC unit because the census is low in that unit and they are now taking referrals. It used to be around three to four a year, but now it’s been three to four in the last month.

• The encumbered total is just under $300,000 and the budget is just over $400,000 so it’s under the budget. In theory it will create a credit-fund balance because it won’t be used.

The board will meet again on Tuesday at 9 a.m. in the boardroom.

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