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Sisk's attorneys file motion to reconsider summary judgment ruling

Mar 11, 2013


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In an attempt to avoid the Jane Doe vs. Gina Sisk and the New London Community School District sexual assault case going to trial, Sisk’s attorneys, Tammy Westhoff Gentry and Alfredo Parrish, filed a request last week for reconsideration to the summary judgment ruling.

Jane Doe’s attorney, Roxanne Barton Conlin, has filed a resistance to the defendant’s request for reconsideration.

According to court documents, Sisk’s attorneys continue to state that the claims brought against their client were outside the statute of limitations, stating that the plaintiff did not make the New London school aware that any misconduct was going on, and stated that “even if some notice were given, plaintiff’s claim is still barred by the applicable statute of limitations under any conceivable fact pattern.”

Conlin, however, noted that the New London School District was aware of the misconduct while it was occurring, and “failed to intervene or make a good faith effort to intervene after being put on notice of a possible sexual abuse in order to further their objectives of concealing a damaging story and retaining a successful coach.”

According to court records, in March of 2003, Doe was called into the principal’s office at New London High school and before entering the office Sisk found Doe in the hallway and instructed her to not tell the principal about their relationship if she was questioned on the matter.

Doe did as she was told, and when the principal questioned her as to whether or not she was having a relationship with Sisk, out of fear of Sisk and a desire to protect her position on the track team, she denied the relationship and the principal did not question the matter further.

Therefore, Conlin stated in the resistance motion that “Defendant school district was on notice of a sexual relationship between defendant Sisk and Plaintiff on or before March 2003,” and that there are material facts “showing a genuine issue for trial.”

On Jan. 24, 2013, on behalf of Jane Doe, Conlin filed another sexual assault suit against Sisk in her individual capacity, separate from the New London School District.

Recently in Lee County, there was a lawsuit filed against Sisk for another alleged sexual assault case against Jane Doe II, a former Keokuk Community School District student.

There has been no court date set for any of the cases against Sisk, not has there been a judgment made in the request for reconsideration or resistance for reconsideration.

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