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Sparks fly at Mt Union City Council meeting

Former mayor presents ciizens' petition requiring audit
Aug 08, 2013


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MT. UNION — During a heated Mt. Union City Council meeting, previous mayor Dan Johnson turned in a petition to have the city audited and shared his disappointment with the current city officials.

“You as a council are supposed to be protecting the town and securing the future, but you’re not,” said Johnson. “You can’t even fix the sockets and the broken window of the building that you have been in for four years.”

“This is hilarious,” commented councilmember Robyn Buffington.

“I am not the only one upset,” said Johnson. “There are others who have confided in me that they would like to see something done.”

“Just how many people are upset?” asked Buffington.

Johnson stated that he had acquired the required amount of signatures, approximately 26, from concerned Mt. Union citizens requesting an audit be done by the state of Iowa.

“Here is a petition for an audit by the state of Iowa,” said Johnson. “You must abide by it. The cost will be about $8,000-10,000.”

Johnson estimated the cost based on an audit that was done on the city’s finances when he was mayor of the town.

“Did you tell everyone it was going to cost that much?” asked Ben Johnson.

“I didn’t have to tell anyone that it was going to cost that much. They are just concerned citizens,” replied Dan Johnson.

“But did you tell them? Because we have known you were going to do this,” said Ben Johnson. “Did you tell them that it would cost the city maybe $10,000? You didn’t tell them, did you?”

“It may not cost that much,” replied Dan Johnson.

Dan Johnson expressed concern about the way the city spends money, and said the audit would help alleviate his concerns.

“Why aren’t our streets being repaired?” Dan Johnson asked. “Why is money that is designated for community projects not being used? Where is our farm to market money? Where is the local option sales tax money?”

“Are you making allegations that the money is being stolen?” asked Ben Johnson.

“”No, I’m asking where it is being spent,” replied Dan Johnson.

“So you think it is being misspent?” questioned Ben Johnson.

“No, I am just asking where it is going,” answered Dan Johnson.

Dan Johnson informed the council that if the city becomes unincorporated due to financial reasons, the county would then take over the properties and possibly put them up for sale.

“When the county takes over, this building, the school yard, the maintenance building, they will all go to the county and be up for sale,” said Dan Johnson. “Oh, you will all have a chance to buy them, but so will everybody else. This would make a wonderful office building for me. You won’t outbid me. I’m backed by a five billion dollar company.”

“Five billion dollars is too much to pay for this, Danny,” replied Ben Johnson.

The next Mt. Union City Council meeting is Sept. 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the community center.


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