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Square craft show termed a tradition and complement to Old Threshers Reunion

Sep 03, 2013


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It begins a couple days before the actual event starts. One can see tents popping up, as the square gets smaller and smaller.

Soon, the square is filled with vendors of all kinds, crafts for the home, local wineries selling their product and an artist who will draw your picture as you sit and enjoy the crowd.

The smell of food wafts among the crowd, coming from the funnel cake stand in the park. Salsa, pizza and popcorn also are being consumed. The stands in the park provide a little something for everyone.

Old Threshers isn’t the same without the Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance-sponsored crafts in the park. It is something that is expected each year. It’s a sure sign, besides the tooting of the train whistle and trolley, that Old Threshers is upon us.

People of all kinds — the young and the old — gather together in the park to look, purchase and eat together. It’s a sign of the end of summer and it brings the town and out-of-towners together.

Karen (last name not available), who owns and runs the stand called Karen’s Krafts, experienced her first year on the square at the 2013 Reunion. When she recalls her feelings of the event, she said, “it was hot,” and then laughs. We can all agree the weather was a bit “warm” this year.

Saturday and Sunday the cool breeze provided some relief and people took that as an opportunity to check out the crafts in the park. “I love it here,” said Karen as the cool breeze whipped through the park. Her crafts began fluttering in the wind.

“We were told not to expect a lot of business, being our first year, but we’ve done well considering,” said Karen. Overall, she was happy with her experience and it had been a decent one.

Karen’s Krafts consisted of hair ties, bows and even little Batman and Hello Kitty capes for the kids.

Phil Young, who was helping to run his wife’s stand on Sunday afternoon, said he agreed it had been a “hot one,” this year. They have been coming for about five years and their business was down a little this year.

A new product was added to their stand this year and Young talked about the coffee bean bags that were hanging in the stand. He also joked that his house had been taken over by all of the crafts, even the garage.

The stand was filled with stuffed animals that held blocks; these blocks would hold the name of a child and could be set in the child’s room as decoration.

Mt. Pleasant isn’t the only show they attend, as they go to shows in Arkansas as well and they were from Jefferson City, Missouri.

Most of the vendors agreed that it was hot this year and that business was a little down from previous years. Business was better on Sunday as the temperatures were a little lower than they had been all week.

A passerby, who didn’t want to give a name, said she had been coming uptown for about 10 years now and couldn’t remember when it had been this hot. “It was hot last year, yes, but this year, was just ridiculous. You had to deal with it though, you can’t miss out on the crafts in the square, it’s a tradition,” she said as she blocked the glare from the sun.

Overall, the heat was the main topic of conversation on the square, that and how business was a little down from previous years.

The heat wave has ended, so far anyway, as the temperatures fell into the low 70s on Monday. The cool air allowed for a perfect day for the last day of the reunion and for tearing down the crafts on the square on Monday.

Tuesday morning the square sat almost empty, signaling the end of the 2013 Old Thresher’s Reunion — and life will go back to normal.


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