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Sunrise Terrace residents explore neighborhood with Tuesday’s mild weather

Mar 05, 2018

WINFIELD — With the sunshine and mild weather Tuesday, Feb. 27, a group of residents from Sunrise Terrace boarded the bus for a neighborhood ride Tuesday afternoon. They went straight through downtown and headed toward Wyman to look over the town.

On the way up, they saw geese in the backwater at Crooked Creek, just before crossing the bridge. In Wyman, they turned in the elevator lot and turned again in the school lot. One of the travelers was formerly a teacher at Wyman, and some had gone to school at Wyman. The school building was a shadow of the proud school that they remembered.

On the way back toward Winfield, the riders saw a few head of cattle in a muddy feedlot. The fields were quiet, waiting for the warmer weather. Once in town, they cruised a few side streets, went by the depot for the rail line that went toward Wyman, then turned by the elevator and the Pioneer and Schmidt buildings. They headed south to admire the solar panels that power the water treatment plant, then turned left toward the cemetery. Looking over the fence, they commented on the variety of tombstones.

On the way back to town, the creek was flowing, and the old railroad trestle still stands. At the stop sign, the air was full of dust with an auger moving some grain. The bus headed south, bearing right, and when the Shelman lot came into view. It was said that those trucks travel all over the U.S. delivering their loads.

The travelers turned in to inspect the equipment and implements at the Sinclair store. The big ones were taller than the bus. After deciding that it would take some lessons to operate them, the bus headed back toward Sunrise Terrace where the sounds and smells of supper were underway in the kitchen.

The sights stirred up some memories of all kinds of experiences that the riders shared over supper and into the evening, and it was decidedly a good trip.

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