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Super Conference releases All-Conference volleyball teams

Nov 04, 2016
MPN file photo New London junior Savannah Sutherland was one of four Henry County volleyball players to make SEISC first-team All-Conference


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It was another big year for the Southeast Iowa Super Conference, which will send two teams (Holy Trinity and Mediapolis) to the state tournament again in 2016.

The conference’s success makes it even more impressive that 15 players from Henry County’s three SEISC teams were named on this year’s All-Conference teams.

New London had the most players on the list of the three teams, including three juniors who made the first team in the south division.

Breanna Mettler made her way to the first team with 384 kills, which was third in the conference.

Carson McSorely had a conference-leading 702 digs on the year to make the first team.

Savannah Sutherland, who took over as the setter this year for the Tigers, made the first team with 713 assists, which was second in the SEISC south.

New London’s Ashley Birdsell and Camryn Blint each made the second team in their junior years. Sophomores Kristen Rohdy and Kaylor Schulte were selected as honorable mentions.

WACO senior Halle Kissell had a great year all around in the Warriors’ first year in the south. She was top 20 in the conference in assists (391), digs (205), blocks (36), kills (116) and aces (36).

WACO senior Mayme Hinh represented the team on the second team in the south. Molly Edgar and McKenna White were selected as honorable mentions to give the Warriors four seniors on the teams.

Winfield-Mt. Union didn’t have a first team selection, but junior Lexee Hartsock and senior Sophie Kongable each made the second team. Hartsock finished the year with 135 kills and Kongable had an SEISC North Division leading 390 digs.

The Wolves also had two honorable mentions. Junior Pearl Krieger-Coble and senior Kara Wade were named to the team.

A full list of All-SEISC teams, along with positions for each player, can be found below with the athlete’s grade in school listed in parenthesis.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Utility: Ali Randolph (12), Holy Trinity. Hitters: Emma Lynch (POY) (12), Notre Dame; Emily Box (10), Holy Trinity; Breanna Mettler (11), New London; Johanna Myers (12), Notre Dame; Shayleigh Abbott (12), West Burlington. Setters: Claire Hackenmiller (11), Notre Dame; Savannah Sutherland (11), New London; Halle Kissell (12), WACO. Libero: Carson McSorely, New London. Defensive Specialist: Mya Lawler, Holy Trinity.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Utility Player: Meagan Reinhardt (11), Notre Dame; Mayme Hinh (12), WACO; Ashley Birdsell (11), New London; Grace Thomas (12), Van Buren; Taylor Boeding (10), Holy Trinity; Karlee Hugg (12) Central Lee; Eryn Anderson (10), Holy Trinity. Setters: Maya Rashid (11), Holy Trinity; Bailey Jennings (11), West Burlington. Libero: Abby Crownder (11), Notre Dame. Defensive Specialist: Camryn Blint (11), New London; Anna Krehbiel (11), Central Lee.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTIONS: Carly Huffman (12), Notre Dame; Riley Brueck (11), Notre Dame; Kamaryn Atwater (12), West Burlington; McKenzie Fry (10), West Burlington; Molly Edgar (12), WACO; McKenna White (12), WACO; Madison Bartholomew (9), Van Buren; Hannah Heiserman (11), Van Buren; Autumn Deshler (12), Cardinal; Riley Liles (12), Cardinal; Madison Mohrfield (11), Holy Trinity; Elyse Pothitakis (10), Holy Trinity; Emma Jarrett (11), Danville; Bailey Beckman (11), Danville; Ava Doyle (11), Central Lee; Kenzie Krehbiel (12), Central Lee; Kristen Rohdy (10), New London; Kaylor Schulte (10), New London.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION COACH OF THE YEAR: Melissa Freesmeier, Holy Trinity.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Utility: Mariah Mitchell (11), Wapello. Hitters: Alyson Stokes (10), Highland; Kara Brown (POY) (12), Mediapolis; Kendra Witte (12), Mediapolis; Elena Sieverding (12), Lone Tree; Tiffany Parsons (11), Wapello; Shania Boyd (12), Columbus. Setters: Sarah Vorwerk (12), Mediapolis; Jena Gerot (12), Wapello. Libero: Brianna Eberhardt (12), Mediapolis; Defensive Specialist: Kelsey Hora (12), Highland.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Utility: Maci Gambell (11), Pekin; Liz Dodson (12), Lone Tree. Hitters: Karlee Carey (12), Wapello; Alexis Talbott (12), Wapello; Bailey Harmston (11), Highland; Kilie Akers (12), Mediapolis; Lexee Hartsock (11), Winfield-Mt. Union. Setters: Maddie Forbes (12), Lone Tree; Alijah Beatty (12), Iowa Mennonite. Libero: Kirstyn Hank (11), Wapello; Sophie Kongable (12), Winfield-Mt. Union. Defensive Specialist: Bailey Stroud (12), Columbus.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTIONS: Maki Mendenhall (12), Columbus; Courtney Zaehringer (11), Columbus; Sydney Black (11), Highland; Amy Schnoebelen (12), Highland; Mia Graber (9), Iowa Mennonite; Suzanna Yoder (10), Iowa Mennonite; Zoei Simonsen (11), Lone Tree; Riley Warson (11), Lone Tree; Bailey Downing (12), Louisa-Muscatine; Alexa Wehrle (11), Louisa-Muscatine; Shelby Woodruff (11), Mediapolis; Kaitlyn Thie (10), Mediapolis; Haley Gambell (10), Pekin; Whitney Johnson (11), Pekin; Addisyn Lolling (11), Wapello; Pearl Krieger-Coble (11), Winfield-Mt. Union; Kara Wade (12), Winfield-Mt. Union.


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