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Supervisors appoint Yaley to maintenance position

Sep 11, 2013


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Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss has made a decision.

Hotchkiss asked for a motion Tuesday morning at the Henry County Board of Supervisors meeting to appoint Brian Yaley to the assistant maintenance superintendent position.

“He (Brian Yaley), stood out as the right candidate for the position. He will be a good fit for the position,” Hotchkiss said.

The new assistant will be in charge of operating the quarry site and directly supervising projects there. “For the low-water crossing project, he will be the lead guy,” Hotchkiss said.

Greg Moeller, board member, motioned to approve Bryan Yaley to the assistant maintenance superintendent position and it was seconded by Marc Lindeen. vice-chairman. The motion carried.

Hotchkiss went on to report that last week was a short week for construction because of the holiday. But they worked on the low-water crossing site the entire week and hauled in rock.

Hotchkiss wanted to inform the community and supervisors that work will begin on the shoulders of county secondary roads. “We wanted to get them ready before winter,” Hotchkiss said. Next week, workers will begin that prep work.

“We tried to wait as long as we could, hoping for moisture so dust wasn’t an issue. But if we wait any longer, we may run out of time before winter. There will be dust, but it needs to be done fairly soon,” Hotchkiss said.

John Pullis, executive director of the Henry County Conservation Department, gave his weekly conservation update. In regards to project status on FEMA, Pullis said, “I’m almost done with the estimates needed for the footbridge and the fencing, I will be calling the project specialist next week, then hopefully putting pencil to paper next week. Everything should come in as small projects and FEMA will write us a check, we won’t have to go through the process of paying for it and then getting reimbursed.”

Kiley Miller, executive vice president at Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance, prepared a recommended motion for the board to sign in regards to the comprehensive housing needs analysis research proposed at the Thursday, Sept. 5 meeting.

Lindeen, moved to enter into the agreement. “I see the validity in needing to see what our needs are,” he said.

Don Davis, owner and founder of Davis Mobile Homes in Mt. Pleasant, showed outside interest in the housing matter. “We did a highly unorthodox type of survey, but we heard the city of Salt Lake City, Utah, mentioned, and we looked at six listings from there. We came up with an average of $63.08 per square foot of those listings. We came to Mt. Pleasant and looked up square footage based on the market today, and the average was $77.71. It was all occupied/previously owned housing, six listing at each place,” Davis said.

He then went on to discuss what he thinks is the real issue concerning housing in Mt. Pleasant and Henry County. “Our two biggest stumbling blocks right now are zoning and available financing,” Davis said. “It’s paperwork and more paperwork. It’s all the regulations we go through to get housing loans.”

“I think if we lifted some of the regulations and helped with financing, I think that’s where your best dollars will be sent,” he went on to say. “I think spending a lot of extra money for a long-term survey is not completely the wisest decision, I think it would be helpful, but it needs to be market driven.”

Miller was asked by the board to see if Maxwell Research, the company who would be doing the housing needs analysis, would look at the market as well. Miller wants an answer, the question brought to him by constituents, “Why is it if we have what is perceived as a tight market, do we not have more construction activity and downward pressure on prices? We know we have upward pressure, but why aren’t more houses entering the market? We hope the research will answer these questions.”

The board agreed to put an equal amount of money toward the research.

The board will meet again on Thursday at 9 a.m.


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