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Supports bond issue

Aug 26, 2014

To the editor:

I find recent happenings as related to the Mt. Pleasant School District’s proposed facility improvement plan to be inspiring. They bring me a breath of fresh air.

I’ve seen the eight fact reports about the Sept. 9 bond referendum. Career educator Tom Weatherman provides excellent facts, and I learned a great deal more attending the “Our Kids Our Future” event last week.

I like what I see. I’ll be voting “yes.”

Sometimes we act to criticize something as opposed to using common sense, working together and joining with the majority who work hard to make things better.

Misunderstandings and dislike of others are permissible but not tasty when placed on the public plate for discussion. It seems that rather than the gossip, rumor and second-hand information many seem to operate by, we should pause to study the facts about the project, why do it, why do it now, taxes, test scores and the like.

A few things to consider:

Our forefathers willed us the responsibility to establish a taxing system to remain in place at times like this. This is the time to use it. Quality public education for our children benefits us all.

I went to a one-room school with no running water, no electricity and of course, no air conditioning. We now have air conditioning in our houses, cars, pick-up trucks, tractors and combines, but not our schools. I don’t know why my grandkids need to be expected to learn in a hot, stuffy room when the wonders of today’s technology say they don’t have to.

As to the school board. I don’t recall folks lined up at the courthouse for nomination papers for this important but thankless job. I commend those serving on the board now. We need to help them get their job done.

The plan put forward with this vote helps our students, dedicated teachers, staff and our community. It can help bring us together. It speaks well of us if we come together to support it.

“You get more than you give when you give more than you get.”

Thank you all so much. A loyal resident I remain.

Stanley E. Hill

Mt. Pleasant




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