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The News features new look, design

Feb 13, 2017

Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. – William Pollard

Simply by looking at today’s edition of the paper, it’s obvious we’ve introduced some changes. The most notable of these is the narrower width of our pages. The narrower width has become an industry standard in recent years, and frankly a move we needed to make so that we are more compatible with our new printing partners in Cedar Rapids. This will allow us to continue utilizing the color photos that we have received so many compliments on lately, among other improvements and efficiencies.

This was not done lightly or without considerable thought about your reader experience. The changes put in place today - and tweaks in coming weeks - are focused on improved readability and continued creation of local content. We have worked to reduce repetitive features and self-promotion advertising with the goal of dedicating even more resources for local stories and features.

“Change can be hard, for our readers and our staff, but it can also be exciting. The improvements we are introducing today will allow us to continue producing a newspaper that meets the needs and expectations of our readers and advertisers. It is an interesting and quickly evolving time in the newspaper industry but through it all we intend to focus on you and provide a quality news product,” said Publisher Matt Bryant.

A quick summary of some of the other changes in today’s paper:

• Changing the font of the paper to improve readability. The narrower pages will allow you to hold the paper closer for reading, while the fonts have been tested using our press and have appeared in other regional papers for years.

• The narrower format will allow us to be more efficient with design. This will mean features will appear on consistent pages or in consistent groupings more frequently. The tweaks to the design processes will, in coming weeks, allow our news team to focus even more on local reporting. This will mean adding more locally produced stories.

• Our comics lineup has been shaken up based, mostly, on a vote from area readers and a desire to add a new, highly recommend addition. This will surely create some mixed emotions but a few of the comics we were previously running were no longer in production and we were simply printing repeats. We believe this will freshen up the comics offering.

• The size of the games and puzzles has been increased to make them easier to read and complete. We have also added to this offering.

While the adjustments in today’s paper will be the most noticeable, we will continue to implement incremental improvements based on need and your feedback. Your input is important and will be heard as we continue to improve and grow.

Please share your thoughts with us by emailing to or calling 319-385-3131.


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