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“They don’t know what they are missing out on...”

By MEGAN COOPER, Mt. Pleasant News | Sep 20, 2013
Photo by: Megan Cooper, MPN Ruth Dunn

Sitting among colorful artwork is a woman who loves poetry and writing. Books are her passion, and she loves to write her own poetry.

Ruth Dunn, who is a resident at Park Place in Mt. Pleasant, shares her love of books and writing with her children and grandchildren. “I have been writing since I was four years old, it just comes natural to me. I love sharing the nursery rhymes with my children,” Dunn says.

In the busy world today, not many children read and write like they used to. Dunn agrees with that statement and says that “it is sad, it really is, because they should know so much more about writing and books than they do, they don’t know what they are missing out on, which is the best part of their lives.”

She can even still recite some of the poetry she used to as a child. She recited “Old Maid’s Burglar” from memory and the poem is rather humorous. One can see the love she has for the craft and she became in tune with the beat of the poem.

Dunn also loves her books. She is able to order them from Books for the Blind in Des Moines. She just puts an order in; they send them to her, free of charge. “I cannot go to sleep without my books. It’s a part of me,” she says and she glances over the many books that sit on her shelf.

Besides books, Dunn also loved to paint. She began at a young age painting with oil paints. “I tried with watercolor, but I didn’t like them much. I like the way you can change oil paints. Oil paints make you feel as though you have more talent, and it always took awhile to dry,” Dunn said as she glanced around her room.

Her best memory of a painting she made was that of her grandma’s house in Germany. “My grandma came here at 16, all the way from Germany by herself, and I saw the picture of the house. It was beautiful. When I finished the painting, the right name for the painting was ‘Grandma Chose the Right One,’ meaning she chose the right path in life,” Dunn said as she remembered the painting of her grandmother’s house.

Growing up, Dunn was not alone. She had eight brothers and sisters. She had a wonderful childhood and her parents were a loving couple. She had lots of fun creating her own games growing up and had a love for jellybeans.

“I would hide jellybeans around in coffee cans,” Dunn remembers and picks up her jar of jellybeans from her table. “I just love them so much.”

Dunn, who cannot see well anymore, still loves to write poetry if she can. Her advice to the younger generation is to, “repeat the words like you did when you learned your ABCs, you never know how important it (reading/writing) is until you lose it or can’t use it.”

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