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This storm proves not to be as challenging

Feb 27, 2013
Photo by: Brooks Taylor Area residents took to the shovels, snowblowers and plows again Tuesday, digging out from the second snowstorm in less than a week.


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Preparation and experience played a large roll in Henry County’s ability to handle yesterday’s snowstorm. Henry County received three to five inches of snow yesterday.

“I think for the most part everybody was prepared,” said Lt. Lyle Murray of the Mt. Pleasant Police Department about yesterday’s snowfall.

From the type of snowfall to people’s reaction to it, yesterday’s winter storm had a much different outcome than the storm in December.

“I think it was different. December was more ice than snow, which made it more slick. Yesterday was more just snow, which is a totally different beast,” said Walt Jackson, Henry County Emergency Management coordinator.

Jason Marlow of Iowa State Patrol noted that the difference between December’s snow storm and yesterday’s snow also made an impact.

“The biggest difference was the type of snow it was. It was a heavier, wetter snow. The one in December we had light fluffy stuff with wind which really effected visibility, and that made all the difference in the world,” said Marlow.

Murray agreed and noted that people’s reaction to the snow this time around had greatly improved.

“The snow is not near as bad, but the people stayed off the road a lot better this time than they did last time. Last time they were driving right in the middle of the blizzard. This time, most everybody stayed home,” said Murray.

In general, the Henry County area residents seemed much more prepared and ready to handle this winter weather than they were a few months ago and experience played a key role in the preparation, according to Marlow.

“I think it certainly does help that we have had a few of these events throughout this winter, and I think overall people were prepared,” said Marlow. “I didn’t see as many people driving as fast and that makes a big difference in this type of weather and driving conditions.”

Experience and preparation paid off, as according to Marlow there were no major accidents during yesterday’s storm.

“We had a lot of cars in the ditch, a couple semis around the Danville/New London area, but as far as major incidents, I’m not aware that any occurred in our district, so that’s good news,” said Marlow.

Henry County Sheriff Rich McNamee concurred.

“We had a very low call volume yesterday, so I’d say they were more prepared than they were at the beginning of winter,” said McNamee. “Nobody called my office about anything major. There was very low traffic and we had very few calls. That’s a good thing.”


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