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Transition to Care helps patients transition the right way

Dec 18, 2013


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“Transition to Care is one of the many good things coming out of HCHC,” said CNO, Jodi Geerts during the Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday.

Transition to Care is part of a grant that is partnered with the University of Iowa to help patient’s transition from the hospital to home, in order to reduce the percentage of re-admittance.

“The promise of this program is to help people transition the right way,” Geerts said. “This isn’t, as of right now, patients from our own hospital. These patients are from the University of Iowa who live in Henry County. Once they are marked, they meet with a social worker, and then we are notified. We are working on adding this type of care to our own patients though in the future.”

According to Geerts, HCHC is practicing with the patients that come back to Henry County so they can institute this program to its (HCHC) patients.

“Shelly Van Dorin is the one who is really taking to this,” Geerts added. “She actually goes to the patient’s home and does an assessment. She provides the patient with information, connects them with providers, and tells them how to use medicine and what to do in order to not go back to the hospital. Everything she does and everything we do is to create a pathway to help our own patients who are discharged to transition home.”

Cragon Caboth discussed the updates the hospital has seen in the last month.

“We had some minor setbacks and some of the completion times might not happen the way we planned,” he began. “We had an issue with the fire alarm cable going through the ceiling of the surgery room, and we had to fix that. It set us back. As of right now, we are looking at opening the new laboratory Jan. 9 and 10. This target date is also in conjunction with the retailers who deal with some of the equipment in the lab. Those retailers, upon moving the lab, will have to recalibrate some of the equipment and those retailers don’t want to work over the holidays, so we are waiting until January.”

Robb Gardner, CEO of HCHC, told the board that it was good the hospital was adding wellness to care.

“Doctors are paid for the sick people, and I’m glad to see that we are adding wellness as well. We are teaching people how to stay healthy and that’s a good thing. We want to keep them well and keep them out of the hospital,” he said.

Gardner is thankful for the partnership with the Wayland and Winfield communities. HCHC has clinics in those towns and they have seen many patients this year.

“It’s a great partnership and commitment. I’m extremely thankful for that,” he said.

Tess Judge-Ellis and Jessie Anderson run the clinics in those communities. They go between the two towns and spend about two and a half days there each week. The Wayland clinic saw 713 patients in 2012 and this year they saw 774. The Winfield clinic saw 2,123 patients in 2012 and this year it saw 2,176 patients.

The Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees will meet again Jan. 21, at 12 p.m. in the board room at HCHC.


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