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Trenton UMC hosting pancake breakfast

Apr 25, 2014

Many churches of the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church are hosting a Statewide Pancake Feast in connection with World Malaria Day on Saturday, April 26.
Trenton United Methodist Church is hosting a pancake and sausage breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. The objective is to raise funds to continue in the fight against malaria.
As many are aware, malaria was a health risk in the US until just after WWII when the forerunners of the Centers for Disease Control began an awareness and prevention campaign that extended even into the grade schools. Much of the world has worked together to eradicate malaria. 
Unfortunately, sub-Saharan Africa was overlooked in the world movement. Still today, malaria deaths affect every family in often tragic ways. Following focused efforts, the death rate has been reduced from one every thirty seconds to one every minute. 
This is progress, but in the time you read this story, two more died.  While death is a tragic burden to almost every family, the real tragedy is that malaria is preventable, treatable, and beatable. 
Within the last several years, the NBA initiated its Nothing But Nets campaign to distribute insecticide-treated bed nets to protect the lives of those who sleep. Mosquitoes are most active at night. The net provides a barrier from being bitten, and any mosquito that does land on a treated bed net has made its final landing. 
The insecticide is fatal to mosquitoes, but is not harmful to those protected, even small children. 
The NBA was joined by the UN Foundation, the World Health Organization, the Red Cross to raise awareness and funds. The challenge was delivery of nets and education.  This is where the churches were asked to be involved. Many denominations have been working on the ground in Africa for over 160 years.
There are clinics in many villages, and sometimes far beyond where the road ends. 
The keys to prevention are education and treated mosquito nets. In the Imagine No Malaria campaign, local community workers take the treated bed nets to the people, instruct them on their effective use, and then follow up to make sure that they are used. If symptoms begin to occur, then the persons are encouraged to seek care instead of waiting until it is too late.
The Trenton United Methodist Church is a participating site for the Statewide Pancake Feast Saturday, April 26, from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. 
Trenton is ten miles northwest of Mt Pleasant on paved roads. There is plenty of free parking and the building is completely handicap accessible. The congregation has paid all breakfast expenses in advance, which means that all free will donations and contributions for the breakfast will be used to continue the fight against malaria. 
The United Methodist Church in Iowa has also partnered with Terracycle to pay the Imagine No Malaria effort two cents for each clean dairy (cottage cheese, sour cream, dip, yogurt, margarine, etc.) container (tubs, lids and seals-two cents each), as well as all cheese packaging and wrappers (two cents each). 
Since many of these items are not currently recyclable, this is a triple bonus (recycling, not paying to landfill, and credit for saving lives.) 
Donations of those items will be received Saturday, as well, and you can see examples from the congregation's collection. 
Saturday morning 7:30 to 9:30 at Trenton, have a bite to eat and stop a bite that kills.

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