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Trump returning with fond memories of Cedar Rapids rally

Jun 16, 2017

By James Q. Lynch, The Gazette


CEDAR RAPIDS — Donald Trump once passed over Tana Goertz, but now the former Apprentice runner-up is working to make sure the president spends a full eight years in his job.

Goertz, co-chairwoman of Trump’s 2016 Iowa campaign and now is busy with re-election plans, is looking forward to the president’s visit to Cedar Rapids June 21.

Unlike his visit to Des Moines, Trump’s 7 p.m. Wednesday rally at the U.S. Cellular Center, 370 1st Ave. NE isn’t specifically a “thank-you” tour, she said. That December rally following his victory in the 2016 presidential election drew about 6,000 people.

Trump is coming to Cedar Rapids “to let the American people know he’s working very, very hard for us and that he is honoring the promises and commitments he made to all of us who voted for him,” Goertz said. “He wants people to know he is working diligently in Washington to be transformative and to change the status quo.”

General admission tickets for the rally are available at

The president’s visit is an acknowledgment of Iowa’s support for him in the 2016 election.

“Without Iowa he doesn’t become president,” said Goertz, who once described herself as Trump’s “hype girl.”

He chose Cedar Rapids for the rally because “he had a great time when he was there last,” Goertz said. He drew several thousand people to a Cedar Rapids rally in October, shortly before the election.

“I was just with him in the Oval Office and he told me that out of all the rallies I had for him in Iowa, Cedar Rapids was his favorite because he loved the crowd, the energy, the fireworks,” Goertz said.

Goertz has seen changes in Trump since he took office in January.

“He’s humbled. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he knows the importance of the job at hand,” she said. He’s humbled by the people he meets on his travels and “he’s so grateful the American people put him in the position where he can make a difference.”

The adversity he is facing won’t deter the president from doing “very big and bold things,” she said.

“President Trump sits down and works hard. He blocks out the noise. He’s always been that type of person,” Goertz said. “When the going gets tough, he just works harder.”

She doesn’t believe Trump’s social media postings are his way of venting, “But they are definitely an outlet for him to reach the people without the message being misconstrued.”

“It’s a great way for him to tell American people what he wants them to know,” she said. “If he wants to get a message out, that’s the best way to do it. If he wants to tell people how this is so ludicrous, what’s going on, he’ll tweet it.

“That’s what people love about him,” she added.

She’s not surprised by what Trump has accomplished.

“This is exactly what I would expect. The strength and the intensity, the level headedness and all those things that I admired in him are only going to show greater with the more adversity he’s going to be experiencing, Goertz said.

Americans should expect “bigger, bolder, more amazing things … making America great in every way, shape and form,” Goertz said.


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