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Washington firm awarded county fuel contract for fiscal 2013-14

Jul 24, 2013


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Agriland FS of Washington was awarded the fuel contract for Henry County.

“I’m recommending we award it to Agriland, but I think it warrants some discussion,” Interim County Engineer Clarence Perry told the board of supervisors during his weekly update on Tuesday morning.

Agriland was the low bidder at last week’s bid letting by only $2,481.60, bidding a grand total of $577,365 for the three types of fuel used by the county compared to TNL Pep Gas of Mt. Pleasant’s total bid of $579,846.60.

With bids so close, it was discussed last week that the additives — a year-round lubricant to help the engine run better and a winter additive to prevent the fuel from gelling — may make TNL Pep Gas the low bidder, as their bid for the additive was between .012 and .027 less than Agriland’s bid. Agriland bid .065 per gallon for the premium additive that is added year-round and .05 per gallon for the winter additive. TNL Pep Gas bid .038 per gallon for both the year-round and winter additives.

After doing calculations over the past week, Perry noted Tuesday morning that it did make a difference — TNL would be the low bidder by about $1,580.

“That’s basically one-third of one percent,” said Perry.

However, because the bid specifications do not say that the additive will be considered as part of the fuel bid, Perry advised against awarding the contract based on the additives.

“I think if you would decide to use the additive as part of the low bid, you open yourself up to liability,” said Perry.

However, he suggested that the county considering including the additive in the specifications next year.

Agriland FS has been the county’s fuel supplier since 2008.

In other updates, Perry noted that that Perry noted that before former County Engineer Bill Belzer left, he had received quotes to do some slurry leveling and joint sealing on 7.5 miles of J20 from Highway 218 east to Lowell.

Plans are to level some of the voids that have formed in the joints along the road, which will make the road smoother to drive on. The cost of the project is estimated to be $74,866.05, or $9,982.14 per mile.

“I think it will add another five years to the road,” said Perry, noting he plans to move forward with negotiating a contract.

Cleanup of the logjam at Oakland Mills is about 95 percent complete, noted Perry. However, after meeting with FEMA, he has learned that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources considers the ash left over from burning the logs is considered toxic waste and has to be properly disposed of at the landfill in Ft. Madison.

“We just have to make sure we get all the ash, which will involve skimming the ground,” said Perry. Either Batey Ltd., or the county will have to haul the ash to the landfill, he noted.

“The thing we need to be very cognizant of is that there’s no hot spots. There can be no heat at all,” said Supervisor Vice Chairman Marc Lindeen.

If there are hot spots in the ashes, they could start a fire at the landfill.

In other business, the supervisors approved the certificate of appointment of Deputy Sheriff Richard Stallman and Deputy Sheriff Jesse Bell to the Henry County Sheriff’s department. Stallman’s appointment is for June 20, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2016. Bell’s appointment is from June 19, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2016.

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