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Wayland council approves change in notification of energy efficiency program to customers

Sep 09, 2013


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WAYLAND — The method in which Wayland utility customers will be notified of the energy efficiency program in Wayland will change, according to a motion passed by the city council at Wednesday’s meeting.

City Clerk Bev Conrad reported to the council that the printed-out mailings describing the energy efficiency plan sent each quarter to customers are no longer available. The company that used to provide them, American Public Power Association, has now decided to only have online informational packets for a cost of $400.

“These little booklets that came in the mail for a while that we got as far as our energy efficiency plan, the company has discontinued printing them,” Conrad reported to the council. “You can get them digitally.

“We could get them and then print out and then send them that way,” she continued. “We either do it or we don’t do it by digital means as a link to the website or print them out and send them to customers. They just aren’t going to print them out for us anymore.”

“Do you have everyone’s email address to send it that way?” asked council member Kevin Fort.

“No,” responded Conrad. “That’s just it. We could put it on our website and people could see it there. It would be $400 per year to do that.”

Conrad then explained to the council that there is money set aside in the city budget for energy-efficiency spending, and the packets would fall under that category. According to Conrad, the city was spending approximately $400 each quarter to mail the pre-printed packets to customers.

“I wanted you all to know that the choice is available,” said Conrad. “People just wont see those packets coming out in the mail like they used to. We have until November to make our decision, but I wanted you all to talk about it.”

“I say we spend the money and do it,” said Mayor Brad Roth.

Council member Sheldon Miller asked the council if they thought people would put the effort into going online and reading the information, to which Mayor Roth replied that he didn’t think people read what the city mailed to them anyway.

The council agreed that putting the information online would be the best option for the city.

In the police report, Police Chief Ron Roth reported to the council that in the month of August there were 21 traffic warnings and stops, no parking tickets and 15 citizen complaints consisting of burning leaves, barking dogs, stray cats and six complaints about speed bumps.

His traffic stops consisted of stop sign violations, speeding, seatbelt and child seatbelt violations.

The council also:

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance authorizing budget billing for city gas utilities and services.

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance amending ordinance entitled “Boundaries and Official Map.”

The next Wayland city council meeting will be held Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

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