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Wayland council mulls budget billing for all city utilities

Jun 06, 2013


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WAYLAND­ — The Wayland City council spent a considerable amount of time discussing a possible new ordinance regarding options citizens will have for paying their water, sewer and garbage bills.

Ordinance 52-2013 states that it would “authorize a budget billing program for payment of regular recurring utility charges and similar regular recurring charges for city provided services for customers within and without the city limits of the City of Wayland, Iowa.”

Currently, the city only has a budget payment option for gas customers. The new ordinance would pave the way to have all city utilities on a budgeted payment plan.

“It should be the same pretty much,” said City Attorney Mike Vance. “We will make a few tweaks, but basically we will try to keep the two plans the same. They will work the same. The calculations will be the same and the software will be the same.”

According to the ordinance, a customer may start a budget payment plan in any month of the year. For previously established customers, their past 12 months’ water, sewer and other services bill will be divided into 11 equal monthly payment. The 12th payment will be an amount to balance the account in full.

“I think you really need to stay on top of budget billing,” said Vance, referring to people who may be prone to missing a payment. “People are going to get hammered at the at the end of the year anyway if they have a bad year.”

The proposed ordinance states that if a customer fails to make monthly payments within 20 days of rendering the bill, their plan is terminated. The total unpaid amount would then become due and the account would then be considered as a regular, non-budgeted account.

Persons who have not resided in the city for the last six months will not be eligible for the proposed budget plan, as well as residents who have not had six months usage experience with the system, according to the proposed ordinance.

In other new business, the council approved a donation of $1,490 to the Mt. Pleasant Area Development Commission.

“We’ve been doing that for several years,” noted councilman Kevin Fort. “They’ve been doing a good job.”

“They’ve worked with us quite a bit after we got their attention,” agreed Mayor Brad Roth.

In other business, the council also:

• Approved the nomination of Linda Fear to the Zoning Commission.

• Approved Brad Shettler’s nomination to the Board of Adjustment.

• Added Kyle Collins to the fire department.

• Approved a building permit for a storage shed at 300 block of South Washington Street.

• Approved a building permit for reroofing an apartment unit at 500 block of West Main Street.

• Approved reroofing a house at 300 block of West North Street.

• Approved a building permit for the replacement of a grain dryer and two grain legs at 300 block of East Highway 78.

The next city council meeting will be held at 7:30 in City Hall on Wednesday, June 19.

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