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Wayland preps for park equipment

Aug 26, 2013


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WAYLAND — What should the city do with old and outdated city park equipment? This was the agenda item that evoked the longest discussion at the Aug. 21 Wayland City council meeting.

The city is looking to remove or dispose of the old park equipment — a swing set, slide, bouncy chicken seat and a toddler slide before all of the new equipment needs to be put in on Sept. 28.

The Fit 4 Fun project committee is in charge of getting new park equipment. Brooke Carter, Lori Messer and Bev Conrad make up the committee.

The new equipment will be installed the city park on Sept. 28, weather permitting, and will consist of a swing set, newer style merry-go-round, play equipment and a ball returning game.

Aside from being outdated, members of the council showed concern about the safety of the some of the equipment, though they noted they weren’t the only town with old park equipment.

“We aren’t the only ones with a merry-go-round like that. I saw another one like that sitting in Yarmouth,” said council member Kevin Fort. “There is one in an old school yard all fixed up.”

“That has been there since 1940,” said Mayor Brad Roth.

City Clerk Bev Conrad informed the council that there was a community member interested in purchasing some of the town’s old park equipment, but did not say how much he was willing to pay for it.

“I didn’t want to just say somebody could have it or buy it and not give everyone a chance at it,” said Conrad. “Our committee thought maybe we could have a silent auction or something.”

“Our merry-go-round is fine though,” continued Conrad. “We are keeping that. The swings and the teeter-totter and the slide is what needs to go. And if we could make a little money for the project that would be a good thing.”

“I think we could put a tag on it saying who bought it before we pull everything apart,” added Roth.

“”We could put a notice in the paper that says if you are interested in purchasing this, submit a sealed bid,” said Conrad. “We are just trying to figure out ways to make a little money at the same time.”

At the conclusion of the discussion, the council agreed to put a notice in the paper asking for sealed bids for the available equipment.

The council also:

• Passed an ordinance authorizing budget billing for city gas utilities and services.

• Discussed public property trip hazard removal quote.

• Discussed the resolution for accepting easement of storm drainage project and/or public utilities and public purposes.

• Approved a building permit for re-roofing a house at the 300 block of East Main Street.

• Approved a building permit for re-roofing a garage and porch at 400 block of West Front Street.

The next city council meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Wayland City Hall.


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