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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 19, 2018

Where are the priorities now?

To the editor:

Dear Supt. Wells and school board:

Apparently you are now wanting to spend the money that could be used to start the air-conditioning project on the elementary schools for “technology” — is that right?

Little kids don’t know or care that much about technology, but they do understand how it feels to be so hot that simple things like learning how to read, spell and county numbers are difficult when they are uncomfortable.

So, what about the pre-bond vote of providing air conditioning and wasn’t that a number-one priority? What about the reason given for starting school so early in August when it was so hot that classes, even in the air-conditioned buildings, were dismissed early because it was too hot in the elementary buildings?

What about all the ads in and on the media that air conditioning was a top priority because the little children “would learn better if they were more comfortable”? What about all the talk about teachers having to take classes outside because the buildings were so hot?

What about the fact former board members have explained it is financially possible for this to be started — sooner the better? How about you and the board keeping your word to the voters and the little children you all were so concerned about?

How about it, Mr. Wells (and the board)?

Eileen McBeth,

Mt. Pleasant